Kat is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Kat (OMP Model #442968) started modeling this summer after a recommendation from her friend Shelby (OMP Model #442008). The confident, relaxed, and laidback Florida resident has shot with OneModelPlace.com photographers including Jon Barry (OMP Member #41308) and Reid Windle from Sunshine and Satin (OMP Member #154356).

“My first photographer, Reid, introduced me to OneModelPlace.com. He helped me make my profile for me, to be totally honest. Through OMP, I would like to get more email offers and casting calls for pin-up work and classic old-school lingerie shoots.”

Her preparation for each photo shoot is as laidback as she is. “I take a nap. Then around an hour before the shoot, I do my makeup and hair. You know, the good stuff!”

One thing that is a challenge to this new model is taking time off of work and school to fit in her photo assignments. Another obstacle that she is determined to overcome are the sometimes crazy conditions that models are faced with.

“So far the wildest photo shoot I’ve done was with Jon Barry. I got a big splinter and sand spurs stuck to my feet while being naked in 50 degree weather laying on cold, damp sand. But it’s all right, I can handle it — I’m from Rhode Island!”

Kat offers some straightforward advice for other models just starting out. “Don’t be lazy! If you really want to do this, then do it. Just be sure to make the right decisions.”

Photo of Kat by Reid Windle

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