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The New OMP Blog is proud to welcome back Aaron Marcus (OMP Model/Actor  #74938) to our distinguished roster of contributors, in a new series of helpful articles entitled “How to Model.” He will be fielding questions from models and members to help make your creative pursuits more successful.

This week’s question come from Susan in Georgia: “I signed my daughter with an agent about one year ago and so far we had one fashion show and it was a freebie. We signed an exclusive contract, so are we really stuck with this agent for the year? Any suggestions?”

Dear Susan:

First of all, I need to make it clear that I am not a lawyer, and can’t give out legal advice. However, I am an actor and commercial model, and I currently work with 125 agents, so I can give you some non-legal suggestions.

It is important for you to keep in mind that agents make their living off of the percentages of the bookings their models and actor get. If your daughter is not getting much work, that means that your agent is not making any money either.

This is something you might want to try. Call and set up an appointment with your agent. Ask the agent if there is anything you can do to try and get more go-sees (model auditions) and job opportunities for your daughter. Do not start blaming things on your agent. You might find that your daughter needs different photos. Maybe the agent stopped sending your daughter’s pictures out because she ran out of them and didn’t realize that she needed more.

If you are truly unhappy with the representation, and you have tried everything possible, but things still are very slow, then ask your agent if you can be released from the contract. I don’t see why an agent would want to enforce a contract on someone who isn’t getting any work. If the agent still says no, then show the contract to a lawyer. There are generally provisions in a contract that will allow people to end the agreement if one or both parties are not satisfied with the relationship.

Actually, before anyone signs a contract make sure you completely understand what you are signing. If needed, show the contract to any attorney. It does not have to be an entertainment specialist. This is true even if you are told that it is just a standard contract.

– Aaron Marcus
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Aaron Marcus is a full-time actor and commercial model. He is represented by 125 agents across the United States, and has been cast in over 1,100 television commercials, radio spots, TV shows, feature films, and print ads. Aaron is also an actor/model career coach, and has traveled throughout the US., Canada, Mexico and Australia presenting his industry seminar entitled ”Becoming a Successful Actor and Commercial Model Workshop.” He is also the author of “How to Become a Successful Commercial Model.” Learn more at

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