Bruce Talbot Shoots Natural Beauty with Exquisite Results

Bruce Talbot (OMP Member #25180) opened his first professional studio in 1993 in Tempe AZ, and has been producing amazing images ever since.

Shooting photos was a childhood passion for Bruce. “I enjoyed being able to save what I experienced with a photograph. Sharing those photographs with friends led to photographing them, and then their friends, and hopeful models, then businesses, etc. It was a simple progression without much thought to making it a business.”

Once he discovered, Bruce was able to gain exposire in the industry. “Being a Featured Member on OMP led to a wonderfully large fan base. I had little idea how appreciated my work was until OMP hosted a workshop in the Dominican Republic and invited me to share my knowledge. The friendships made there expanded a network of referrals that continue today.”

His favorite styles of images to shoot all involve the purity and simplicity of natural beauty. “I love to shoot people, nature, man-made creations — but people above all else.”

When asked if he prefers shooting indoors or outdoors, Bruce replies, “It’s wonderful to have both options as creative environments to explore. Shooting indoors allows precise and repeatable results. Working outdoors demands a continuously adaptive relationship with what I’d like to shoot and how to proceed. Most of the time I’ve an image already envisioned, but occasionally the creative process presents something bette.”

One thing he concentrates on during every assignment is the lighting. “I’m always looking at light’s qualities. I love simplicity. I almost always start with one main light source, then begin modifying as desired. That’s true whether I’m in studio or out on location.”

Bruce has some straightforward advice to share with models. “Proper planning, communication and preparation prevents poor performance.” He suggests that photographers “explore all of the capabilities of their camera equipment. Learn the fundamental relationships of exposure, focal length, and perspectives. Also, envision a finished image. Creating with intent leads to developing a personal photographic style.”

Image by Bruce Talbot

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