Celebrity Sighting: OMP Model Capri Finds Fame With TV Star Charlie Sheen

OneModelPlace.com has had its share of famous and infamous members over the years. Being the longest-running modeling and photography website has attracted talents ranging from Tera Patrick (OMP Model #300000) to Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek’s Spock).

One current celebrity is Capri Anderson, or as she is known on OMP, Alexis Capri (OMP Model #316900). The nude model and adult actress is at the center of a media hurricane after spending a wild and wacky evening with Charlie Sheen of “Two and a Half Men” fame. She allegedly was so scared by the actor’s antics that she locked herself in the bathroom of their Plaza Hotel suite.

But the connection goes even further back, according to www.dailymail.co.uk. According to the article, “it appears that the porn star involved Charlie Sheen’s hotel meltdown had recently starred in an adult spoof about the actor.

“Just three months ago Capri Anderson, the now world famous porn actress who locked herself in the hotel room bathroom during Sheen’s violent outburst last week, starred in ‘Celebrity Killer Vol. III: Charlie Sheen’ The film is an eight-minute erotic short that was filmed in Las Vegas in July in which Capri played a hired call girl who engages in wild, simulated sex with an aviator-wearing Sheen look-a-like before they both get murdered.”

The film’s voice over even pokes fun at the ongoing troubles the star has experienced. “Charlie Sheen was honest when most people wouldn’t be and he was rewarded because the public accepted him,” the film’s voiceover explains, referring to Sheen’s well publicized chequered past involving prostitutes and drugs.

“He was one of Heidi Fleiss’ best customers and he didn’t care who knew about it,” referring to the famous Hollywood madam. He will forever be known as Hollywood’s likeable bad boy. So now, for your viewing pleasure, and mine, I’m going to give you a super sexy taste of what it’s like to be the great Charlie Sheen.”

The film’s director and main star, Renato Carvaggio, claims that Capri “wanted to get away from the adult entertainment business” and that she didn’t seem to know Sheen during filming.

Charlie, meanwhile, filed for divorce yesterday from his wife of two and a half years, actress Brook Mueller. The couple, who separated earlier this year after a domestic violence incident on Christmas day, had already drawn up papers dividing property and agreeing on custody arrangements for the pair’s two-year-old twin sons, Max and Bob but Sheen filed new documents yesterday.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1325974/Charlie-Sheen-porn-star-Capri-Anderson-starred-erotic-spoof-dying.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz14A7fylg9

Image: Twisty’s

See more of Capri on her OMP Portfolio (NSFW)

UPDATE: Popeater.com reports that in an interview with both ‘Good Morning America’ and ABC’s ‘Nightline,’ Anderson recalls what happened. “He was, from the beginning of the night, very loud and he had no hesitations when it came to using derogatory language or cuss words,” she said of Charlie. “Towards the latter half of the night, it got really bad. He started yelling racial slurs. But it wasn’t until he put his hands around my neck that I really thought to myself, you have gotten yourself in a bad, bad situation. I’m not going to stand down and be completely walked over, mistreated. My whole life has been changed.”

She condemns Sheen for his alleged actions. “I think that this story and this treatment sends a message in itself and this is clearly something that’s not right. It’s not right to hurt people. It’s not right to scare people. It’s not right to carry on with such disregard for the people around you.” Anderson plans to file charges against the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star, according to her attorney. She is suing for battery, assault and false imprisonment.

The actor’s attorney, Yale Galanter, has responded to the adult film star. “Ms. Capri never made any allegation of wrongful conduct on the part of Mr. Sheen the night of the incident. She has posted on her website that she was ‘fine’ after the incident, but if you wanted to see more of her enter the website for money. We will defend this lawsuit vigorously and will never pay her a dime. These allegations against Mr. Sheen are completely false, and are an blatant attempt to cash in on his celebrity.”

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