Jenny is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Blonde bombshell Jenny (OMP ID# 258695) has modeled for over four years now and is still loving it. That’s not surprising when you realize that this model prides herself on having a positive attitude and outlook. “I consider myself easygoing and professional. Photographers I’ve worked with always say I can be counted on and that I have a great attitude.”

If Jenny looks familiar it’s because you may have seen her in a variety of publications. “I have been featured in many magazines like Playboy, Easy Rider, Planet Muscle, People Australia, Esquire Turkey, Slitz in Sweden, La Revista Shock in Spain, American Curves, and FHM.” She also made many television and film appearances in projects such as “Intelligence,” “Stargate Atlantis,” “The L Word,” “Fantastic Four,” “Good Luck Chuck,” and “Smallville.”

According to the Montreal resident, she started her career in the “most cliched” way possible. “My boyfriend at the time sent pictures of me to a local magazine and I got discovered that way!”

She discovered through photographer Cameron from DC Pro Modeling (OMP Member #88809). “I was referred to Cameron by a friend: I was told he was amazing at managing models! He submitted my photo to FHM Magazine’s ‘20 Hot Dates’ section and it was published. Howard Stern saw it, singled me out, and the rest is history.”

Jenny’s ideal way to prepare for a photo shoot is to take it easy for a full day before the assignment. “I spend the day relaxing — going to the gym, spa, beauty salon, that sort of thing. I also prepare my outfits and accessories in advance. That way when the day comes I just need to get to the shoot and don’t have to worry about!”

She is very straightforward when defining the rewards and challenges of modeling. “The main challenge is to always move forward — to seek the best and the artistic. The best reward of modeling is when I see that my work matters.”

Her modeling background has also helped her in her pursuit of an acting career. “Modeling helped me with acting by teaching me to be at ease in front of a camera.”

Jenny guarantees that every new model can find success by “finding their own style,” and wants to wish and its members the best of luck in everything they do. How’s that for a positive attitude?

Image of Jenny by LHGFX|imiragephoto

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