Polished and Professional Miahnna is an OMP Rising Star

Miahnna (OMP Model# 200086) began modeling about 8 years ago when her family moved to Texas. She was inspired to step in front of the camera by her older brother.

“When I was just a toddler, I recall watching him audition for acting, dancing and modeling roles. I also remember how cool it was when he would get that call telling him he landed the role. My mother would often take me to his rehearsals and performances. I knew that I wanted to be in the spotlight the day I saw my brother walk out on stage when he performed with the Milwaukee Ballet Company in ‘The Nutcracker.’ That’s when I asked my Mom if I could dance, act and model as well.”

Her mother agreed and started to look for agencies and other ways to get Miahnna involved with the industry. However, it wasn’t long before the youngster figured out that dancing and acting were not her forte. “But I sure did love to get dressed up and posing for the camera. My loving mother invested her time to make the right connections, take me to test shoots and auditions, and did lots of hard work on my behalf helped me get noticed by some really cool people in the industry.”

One way Miahnna’s mother accomplished that feat was by signing her daughter up for OneModelPlace.com. “After researching reputable modeling sites, my mom found that OMP was one of the few top-ranking websites for models under the age of 16. I started out with a basic Bronze membership, and once I developed a portfolio, I upgraded to being a paid Platinum Plus member to gain maximum exposure. With the help of my mother and OneModelPlace.com, many talented photographers from OMP began to help me develop my portfolio, which eventually landed me paid work and the opportunity to be published.”

Miahhna has been a popular model on OneModelPlace.com ever since. “OMP has great moderators who select Showcase images that put me in the spotlight, they have some really high quality photographers and other professionals to work with and above all, they do not tolerate those who violate the site’s Terms of Service. OMP is a great way to network and a safe place to post my online portfolio. I have been featured in magazines, on websites, business cards, done runway and landed other paid work thanks to OMP.”

The San Antonio, Texas resident feels a certain level of responsibility to the creative team who collaborates with her on each shoot. “When I model, I am representing not only myself but the efforts of the hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer and clothing designer. I’m a living representation of their work. I also feel I am a role model to those around me. Sometimes I am the product, and other times a representative that helps sell the product or service.”

One of her favorite shoots was with OneModelPlace.com photographer Greg Daniels (OMP Member #7131). “Greg is based out of Dallas, and he has a funky cool personality that just makes you laugh. I was hoping the photo session would never end, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever. The time I spent getting to know Gregg was limited, but definitely not our last encounter. We both look forward to meeting up again one day in his awesome studio, so us artists can do what we do best.”

Miahnna starts preparing for assignments weeks before in advance, and takes each shoot seriously. “I get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat the right foods, I tone up on the Total Gym, and I make sure I take good care of my skin, nails and hair. If wardrobe and hair/make-up are not provided, then five days before the shoot my mother and I gather wardrobe, cosmetics and our hair kit to make sure we have everything we need. If the weather may be bad and we are shooting outside, we may pack blankets so I can cover up in between sets. Sometimes we even wet wrap my hair in noodles (curlers) two days in advance so I have extra curly hair or massive volume the day of the shoot. If designers have wardrobe for me, I provide measurements and we do test fittings.”

On the day of the shoot, she has several rituals that get her in the right mindframe for the job. “It’s important to show up on time and ready to shoot the first set if you are doing your own hair and makeup. If hair and makeup artist are on set I never wear nail polish, makeup or have product in my hair. In those cases I’ll arrive with a bare canvas ready fro the artists and prepared to shoot for the next 16 hours if need be. I eat light before a shoot and snack on healthy finger foods during the shoot to maintain a solid energy level.”

During shoots Miahnna concentrates on a few key factors. “Posture and positioning are the two big ones. I strive to look as good as possible to the camera by studying the lights and angle of the camera lens. It’s important not to pose in angles where you look heavier or garments do not look flattering. You almost never have your hands positioned at the same level and you should always place your hands at ease unless for a rare exception. I think about how my shoulders, neck and chin are positioned. Even if the pose is uncomfortable and painful you have to make it look easy, because most likely the shot will look awesome. Have fun with what you’re wearing and use it to your advantage. I also try to make sure that there isn’t to much hair covering my face and my makeup is touched up.”

The blond beauty believes there are many rewards that come along with modeling. “Breathtaking images, tons of fun, getting to know and work with some astonishing photographers, a sense of self-accomplishment, collaborating as a team, networking, and expanding my personal portfolio and also the portfolios of others. If you’re lucky, you will find that traveling for published and paid work has its rewards as well.”

As for modeling challenges, Miahnna reveals that the list never stops. “There is always something that can come up that you just have to work through, such as wardrobe malfunctions, bad weather, equipment breakdown, injury, getting booted out of a location, and the very worst — when someone is a no-show. I can say this… being a no-call/no-show is the quickest way to kill your reputation and detour others from ever wanting to work with you. But you definitely become more professional with each shoot and learn how to work though any glitches that arise.”

She advises aspiring models to be content with who you are and what you’ve been given. “You have to be satisfied with how you look as a person. Your expression will come across based on how you feel about yourself. Also, love the camera and work with the lighting. You just need to be confident and be open for new creative ideas. Capture the idea and make it your own, and hopefully your self-assurance will shine through. Enjoy every photo shoot and try to make the best of what you can.”

Miahnna’s future goals include becoming a world-renowned supermodel such as Kate Moss. I would love to inspire and touch the hearts and minds of those who either enjoy looking at a stunning photo or those that would like to pursue a career in modeling. Being a role model to young aspiring models would be a great achievement. I myself admire and look up to an extraordinary friend, OMP model Valerie Whitaker (OMP Model #22818). I’d be tickled pink to see myself on either a magazine cover, store wall, shopping bag, merchandise, runway, TV, or even a billboard. My main goal that I wish to achieve would be just to enjoy working with others and making a lifelong impression on those who worked with me. If I achieve that and more, then I exceeded one of my goals already and that’s acceptable to me.”

Don’t be surprised if you find Miahnna behind the camera one day as well. “I wouldn’t take back any step that I have made towards modeling — if anything, I would only add more! Maybe one day I won’t only be the one having pictures taken of me, but I’ll be the one taking the pictures. Photography is something that appeals to me, and I’d love to start learning more about it. I have always loved every aspect of art, and can’t wait to apply myself and include some of my ideas in future assignments. I thank everyone that has gone out of their way to help me succeed in this passion of mine that’s just irresistible. Without the help of OMP and all the others, I don’t know where I would be!”

You can see Miahnna’s full portfolio at OneModelPlace.com

Image of Miahnna by Greg Daniels

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  1. Diane Haman says:

    Today is October 23rd and here is my birthday girl.


    Congradulations for impessing OMP enough to give you this opportunity.

    Love Always,

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