Shelby is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Like most young women, Shelby (OMP Model #442008) had a longtime dream of modeling in magazines such as “Maxim” and “Sports Illustrated,” but only recently was able to fulfill her desire thanks in large part to members of

“I just started modeling in June of this year. My dream of being a model probably wouldn/t have happened if a good friend and gifted photographer named Reid Windle (Sunshine and Satin, OMP Member #154356) had not believed in me.

She was able to turn her dream into a reality when Reid and fellow photographers Jon Barry (OMP Member #41308) and John Fisher (OMP Member #3327) recommended she set up an online portfolio on “OMP has helped me expand my modeling career by providing a great tool to promote myself and a safe way to communicate with photographers to find work.”

Shelby describes herself as “creative, passionate, and outgoing.” The Florida resident’s favorite photo assignments often involve modeling swimwear and shooting at the beach.” During shoots, she tries to concentrate on everything. “I try to think of how the picture will look or how it looks from the cameras point fo view. Afterwards, she gets great satisfaction from seeing the finished product. “When you see the final images, you know that your hard work has paid off.”

She offers the following advice for models just starting out. “Find a mentor, whether it’s another model or a great photographer, and learn as much as you can from them.”

Image of Shelby by Reid Windle

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