OMP Models and Members Can Submit for Image of the Day! is changing in many ways, and we want you to be a big part of that change!

Now any OMP model or member may submit, regardless of membership level, may submit their images to be considered for the OMP Image of the Day. To get started, visit the OMP Forums - Image of the Day.

Below is a short list of guidelines that will help clarify what the powers that be are looking for in an Image of the Day. Please check them over so you can choose your submissions wisely!

  • Images can be in color or black & white
  • Images may not contain any form of nudity (full, partial, silhouette, or implied)
  • Images can be imbedded in your post or attached as a link or attachment
  • Images submitted to the forum thread will get first consideration
  • Categories may be suggested each week, but they are only a guideline
  • You can have more than one image selected as IOTD, there is no limit
  • Showcased or non-showcased images can be submitted
  • The image must be uploaded on your OMP portfolio before submitting it here
  • Please upload your image to the current week’s thread
  • Please size the image between 600 to 900 pixels (preferred) on the longest side to submit it to the forum – this will prevent any images from displaying too large on your portfolio since we will use the one you post here to display on your OMP portfolio

Members and models can still submit their 18+ images to the popular OMP Nude Image of the Day forum thread as well. Follow this link to the OMP Forums – Nude Image of the Day to get started

Image of model Micki Baxter (OMP Model #6858) by Hector Pena/Hydra (OMP Member #15007)

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