Eleazia is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Eleazia (OMP Model #416099) began modeling in New York three years ago. “I got my start as a model when my friend who owns SUNY Tanning salon in New Paltz, NY, asked me if I would be her model for her website. I did it and was hooked!”

Now the tall blonde beauty has moved to Florida to take her modeling to the next level, and the decision is paying off as she is in high demand in the sunshine state.

Eleazia describes herself as ”flexible, versatile, determined to constantly improve and strive for perfection. I work my butt off, but also know when to let the goof in me come out!”

Scheduling shoots in her new state became a whole lot easier once she joined OneModelPlace.com. “While searching for networking sites online, One Model Place would always pop up. OMP is definitely one of the best! The site has given me the opportunity and exposure to network with people I never would be able to. I also use the Internet to look for inspiration, and OMP is jam-packed with amazing talent that I can admire from all sides of the camera.”

Eleazia has many years of ballet experience and training that have helped her in her modeling career. “My ballet training definitely is a great asset to my modeling. I am disciplined, passionate, and take care of my body and appearance. Also, I have been staring at myself in the mirror since forever so I know my angles and have a unique dancer sense of style when I get in front of the camera.”

Her “prep process” for a photo shoot starts days ahead of time. “Several days before a shoot I make sure I have a nice healthy glowing tan, manicured nails and hair. The night before I will get a good night’s sleep. I exercise in the morning and sing really loud to my favorite tunes. Then I finish getting ready in the nude while my daily self-tanner dries.”

In front of the camera, Eleazia enters her own little world. “Of course, I do listen to what the photographer wants and suggests. But I think when I’m shooting, it’s the one time I can actually just feel. I have learned to enjoy the process, and try to create a mood and — for lack of a better word — art. That makes me more receptive when ballet steps, poses and choreography go through my head.”

The biggest reward for Eleazia has been the amazing people I get to meet and have met, and the great locations where she has shot. “Anytime I am lucky enough to shoot with GW Burns (OMP Member #18425) is amazing! He brings out the model – and person — I have only dreamed I could be. I have been so extremely blessed and beyond lucky to get to learn, create, and continue to work with him. Without a doubt, I have GW to thank where I am as a model today, and am forever and ever grateful!”

She has some insightful advice for models just starting out in the business. “No doubt there are going to be extreme highs and lows as a model, but it’s the people you surround yourself with that will help you through them. So definitely surround yourself with positive people that love and care for you.”

Image of Eleazia courtesy of GW Burns

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