‘Fashion Maniac’ Anna Dello Russo at Large at Nippon Vogue

OneModelPlace.com models and members are most likely familiar with Vogue Magazine and its editor Anna Wintour, but they may not be so aware of her Japanese counterpart. Nippon Vogue’s Fashion Editor-at-Large Anna Dello Russo was recently interviewed by Paul Flynn for TheDailyBeast.com, and the discussion quickly turned to nudity, sex appeal and divorce apparel.

The outrageous, glamorous, wild-child  was once described by Helmut Newton  as a ‘Fashion Maniac’. Rather than take it as a slight, she splashed the tribute proudly at the top of her website, simply taking it as an upbeat twist on the snarky old put-down ‘Fashion Victim’. After an hour of listening to Dello Russo squawking down the phone in her gloriously faulty, troppo-accented pigeon English, you simply have to concur with the description.

“I keep my eyes in movement for beauty,” she says. “Fashion is everywhere. Everywhere! Flowers are fashion to me. The sky is fashion. My garden is fashion.” A brief pause before the final, sacred annunciation: ‘My darling, the Sistine chapel is fashion.’ Of course it is. Fashion’s other Anna is a resident of Milan, 47 years old and childless, who over three decades has earned a place among the industry’s most fabulous characters. She spent 18 years at Conde Nast Italia, as fashion editor of Vogue Italia and editor of L’Uomo Vogue.

An odd blossoming has happened since her departure from Conde Nast Italia in 2006. Upon arriving at Nippon Vogue she began to enter an elite set of women who turn runway fashion into a revolving carousel of glorious daywear. Her special ability is parlay the best designer’s eye into the mundane realities of the day-to-day. She understands the sparkle it lends life.

Along with her counterparts Anna Wintour at American Vogue and Carine Roitfeld at Paris Vogue, under whom she trained, Daphne Guiness and the long-armed shadow of the late Isabella Blow, ADR has zipped up the fashion radar to become one of its true modern iconoclasts. The difference? There is no stony-faced seriousness to ADR. She does it all with a smile.

“When I started in the 1990s the atmosphere was so severe,” she says. “You could not tell how much people love fashion. I was so frustrated. The atmosphere was so by-the-rules. You could not show enjoyment. Why not? Show it off! Minimal or whatever you want to call it, that was the worst time for me. Awful. I want to scream ‘Bella!’ when I see something on the runway. I do not want to sit and show no emotion. I shout ‘Ooh la la!’ Finally we can get out of control about fashion.”

Read the full article and see a slideshow of images at TheDailyBeast.com

Image: Paul Morigi, WireImage / Getty Images

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