Victoria’s Latest Secret — It’s All in the Bag!

Models and members on are constantly wearing, shooting, and referencing the Victoria’s Secret line of lingerie and accessories in their work. The bran has become synonymous with a sexy, sensual lifestyle.

Now a new report claims that even the packaging of VS products can have a titillating AOL News’ writer Paul Kix relates that a new study has found that transporting thongs and push-up bras isn’t the only purpose for a Victoria’s Secret shopping bag. Women have gotten used to turning their bags into purses, lunchbags, and catchalls. And now new research hints at a universal rationale for the bags’ second lives as accessories. Women feel sexy simply holding it!

The study, to be published in December, is the work of Deborah Roedder John, a professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. In one of four experiments, John and a colleague approached 85 women in a mall, asked them to fill out a survey — embedded in which were questions about their self-perception — then gave the women one of two shopping bags to walk around with for an hour. One of the bags was from Victoria’s Secret. The women in that group reported to the researchers that they felt more sensual and glamorous simply for the carrying.

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Photo: Mary Altaffer, AP

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One Response to Victoria’s Latest Secret — It’s All in the Bag!

  1. It’s funny, actually. I have always saved my Victoria’s Secret Bags and converted them into various forms of accessories, reaching even beyond purse or storage like systems… They’re big bags are great quality and last forever, I used one as a beach bag for a good six months and I live less than a mile from the beach, so it was used… a lot. The small bags, for perfumes, or teeny tiny undies and such, I converted into flower pots after cutting off an inch or two from the top of the bag and flipping it inward.

    I feel an actual VS purse brand coming up, but it won’t be the same. Those classic plastic pink striped bags… They are the real deal, something metaphysically unexplainable and unique about them. :) This was a great read. Thank you!

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