Modeling Documentary Allows Audiences to “Picture Me” welcomes models of all experience levels into its online community, and is always open to hearing your stories about the ups and downs of being a model in today’s world. Now one model is telling her story in a revealing new documentary entitled “Picture Me.”

As reported on Lemondrop,com, “Picture Me: A Model’s Diary” is a groundbreaking, behind-the-scenes documentary about the business of modeling, co-directed by the model Sara Ziff and her boyfriend Ole Schell.

The project was practically an accident. It began with Ole shooting personal footage of his girlfriend Sara walking to auditions and well, living her life as a high-fashion model.

Over time, however, the home movies evolved in ways the couple never anticipated, morphing into an ambitious, hard-hitting depiction of the struggles that Sara and her waif-like colleagues face as they dive into fashion’s devouring jaws. “America’s Top Model,” this is not: Their baby grew up and became something akin to a combat documentary, only starring a lot more Prada.

“Picture Me” is distinguished by the no-budget, guerrilla sensibility it brings to the rarefied world of fashion. Is it news that models frequent night clubs, hoover their way through the occasional pile of coke, or deal with unsavory characters? No, but the fact that the seamy underside of high-fashion has been caught on camera, is.

“Picture Me” is a film that takes our half-formed perceptions of the fashion industry, the gossip and the one-name legends we see strutting the runways and replaces them with truth, facts and three-dimensional people. It dismantles the easy stereotypes and delivers, instead, messy, first-person accounts from some of the industry’s top models, characters in the drama who usually keep their mouths shut and, well, strike a pose.

Read the full interview and see the trailer at

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