Tapping Into the Top Trends at Fashion Week

We here at OneModelPlace.com are always striving to keep our members updated on the latest fashion and style trends. So while Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is in full swing at Lincoln Center, we thought we would share some of the hottest looks on and off the runway.

Meieli Sawyer Detoni from Limelife.com spotted several trends so far at the biannual event and reports on them below:

Auburn Tresses: We’re seeing red this season. With Lindsay back to red (reddish pink?), we’ve also noticed several other entertainers haunting the tents and showing up at bashes with a brand-new hue. Have you seen Evan Rachel Wood’s crimson color?

Nude Lipstick: Revlon had an amazing nude lipstick at the Rag & Bone show, developed by Gucci Westman. This tint is making beauty bloggers crazy, so why not check out the color and copy it on your own with a palette blend?

Crimping: Did you catch Victoria Beckham’s model’s crimped tresses on the runway? One wide crimp ran straight through the gals’ otherwise ironed, soft hair at the shoulder blades. An interesting look that we wouldn’t mind testing out for ourselves…

Orange Lipstick: Orange lipstick is one of those things you see on the runway and think how can I pull it out IRL? A peachier tint or a lippie with a lighter orange hue is the way to go.

Jeweled Manicures: Don’t be afraid to add some stones to your manicure, especially if they are massive. A light, shimmery polish will set off those stones to perfection next spring.

Read more at Limelife.com

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