Jennifer is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Playboy Playmate Jennifer (OMP Model #238203) is a great example of someone who was in the right place at the right time. She had never even modeled before when the opportunity to pose for the popular magazine arose. “I started modeling completely by accident. I was a make-up artist at one of the Playboy Mansion parties – originally I was not even suppose to attend. Well, during the event, Hef noticed me and asked me to be a Playmate!”

Since her auspicious debut as Miss August 2001, Jennifer has always taken the same approach to any assignment she goes on. “I just have fun with it. I am always laughing with the makeup artists and photographers. I make fun of myself on shoots and do a lot of joking around — I’m basically a goof!”

Her relationship with the Playboy family has also provided Jennifer with a lot of fun experiences. “Playboy and Hef have been amazing. Hef has been good to my son and my entire family. He is a true friend! Also, I’ve met some incredible women, and I saw the world — I traveled as far as Bali! I use to laugh and say, ‘I get paid to travel the world in style with the most beautiful women and it’s all paid for — and this is my job!’ And you usually only shoot the nude stuff once… the rest is wearing the bunny costume or dressing up for black tie events!”

The Southern California resident is now finding new opportunities, thanks to “My manager told me about OMP, and I joined soon after. It’s been a great way to reconnect with some photographers and models who I’ve worked with and lost touch with over the years.”

One of her favorite assignments has great personal value to Jennifer. “I shot for an all-natural magazine, Holistic Health. We opted for an all-natural birth for our child, so they featured my husband and I on the cover while I was pregnant. And, of course, all my shoots for my personal website with photographer Jim Creighton.”

In addition to having a good time and lots of laughs, Jennifer counts the friends she has made and the places she has traveled among the perks of modeling. “Of course the money is great too. But the fame I can live without. It was fun in the beginning of my career but I have had some weird encounters. At this point I stay very private, and like it that way.”

As for advice to aspiring models, Jennifer reminds them to be themselves. “Also, don’t do anything you don’t want to do. And have fun with it. If your gift is beauty, use it and be proud of it. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about being a model. It is hard work, but very rewarding!”

Lastly, Jennifer wishes to thank all her fans who have made the journey so worthwhile. “I just want to thank my fans. Every time I read a blog, people say the nicest things. It really makes you feel good when people talk about more than just your beauty! Because at the end of the day, we all know beauty fades.”

Image courtesy of Regal Models

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  1. Jennifer is one beautiful gal, a real pro, smart and funnier than Triumph, the insult dog. But look, the real star of the picture is the beautiful wood floor.

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