Brad Miller Loves Shooting Natural Beauty in the Great Outdoors

Brad Miller of Natural Beauty Photography (OMP #177544) is as passionate about taking pictures as he was when he started 40 years ago. You could say Brad was a chip off the old block when it comes to being behind the camera.

“My dad was a photographer. He was the first Kodak color photographer in the day. He won the 1947 Leica award for Excellence. However, he would not allow me to touch his camera equipment. That made me want to shoot even more.”

By the time he had built up his own portfolio of amazing glamour, nude and underwater images, fellow photographers recommended that Brad start an account at, where he has been a member now for four years. “I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from One Model Place. OMP is an excellent out-of-the-box resource.  Models can find photographers easily, and vice-versa.”

The Florida resident has found plenty of talented models on OMP, which is fortunate since he specializes in outdoor portraits of the feminine form. “My preference for shooting always has a constant theme of ‘natural beauty’ —  how the female form relates to our natural surroundings. My priority for shooting nudes is always natural light and time of day… early morning or evening, just around dusk.”

He offers three tips for models to remember before and during a shoot. “I always remind models to have their nails properly painted before coming to a shoot. While shooting, they should act natural when moving in and out of poses. And they should always point their toes!”

For photographers, Brad advises, “Trial and error is the best way to learn. Keep a record of your progress and do some research.”

Photo of Melissa Troutt (OMP Model #367392) by Brad Miller

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