Desalle is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Desalle (OMP Model #428527) started modeling in April 2009, and already boasts an impressive portfolio of unique images. She describes herself as “awkward and sarcastic, a southern belle in a New York disguise.” She also reveals that she was raised in the South. “So I have a temper when provoked, otherwise I’m sweet as pie!”

Her career in modeling began as she was in a state of transition. “I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and moved out. I had NO money, so I moved to Philly because someone I knew needed a roommate. I started posing for this local painter I found on Craigslist, then I met up with a photographer who paid me to do a series of dance images.”

Desalle discovered while looking for people to collaborate with in New York. “I usually have a pretty hard time finding shoots in NYC. When a traveling model crashed at my place I asked her where in the world she was finding photographers. One Model Place was her answer. Once I joined, it was the travel notices that sold me. I know that when I travel, whether you like it or not, OMP is going to let you know I’m coming!”

The Brooklyn resident doesn’t like to stick to any one category of modeling. “I don’t think you would be a true model if you were stuck in a niche. You have to branch out. I’ve done a little bit of everything within my comfort level. I like well-roundedness, plus I think ‘glamour, nude, fashion, alt’ is really just a mindset rather than an adjective to be placed beside the word ‘model’.”

She has had a “ton” of memorable shoots and finds it difficult to choose just one favorite. “One shoot that I did recently was in Boston with Jennifer Rose Photography and Nicoletta Maria, owner of Lola’s Urban Vintage. It rained that day, so we had to improvise by shooting indoors. Also, the makeup artist didn’t show up. Luckily it turned out great, and you can’t even tell the black ‘lipstick’ I’m wearing is really eyeliner and eyeshadow.”

Desalle is grateful to all of the artists who have helped her in her recent endeavors. “If it weren’t for the photographers I’ve met in the past year and a half, I’d probably be living on the street. They have helped me out in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. They help me out with personal issues, and are also just there to hang out and be a friend without shoving a camera in my face 24/7. I’ve met some amazing people and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Part of her success has come from being willing to travel for paid assignments. “I did modeling as my only income for about three months, and I was always on the road. Traveling is just as awesome as it is stressful, but sometimes you miss your bed. You start to miss things you thought you were used to. You miss that special someone. It sucked not knowing when I would be paid next, and if I’d be able to afford to eat that week, or take the dance class that makes me happier than a slice of pie.”

Her advice for models just starting out is short and to the point. “Keep it classy. Always be yourself. And only do what you want to do, because your happiness is the main priority!”

Desalle is looking forward to collaborating with many more OMP photographers and artists in the near future. “I like to get as involved in the process as possible. When someone feeds me a great idea, I love making that come to life and hopefully adding more to it!”

Image by Jared Ferratusco

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