Angelique is the OMP Hot Model of the Weekend

French model Angelique (OMP Model #447876) has only been pursuing a career in front of the camera for three years, but it is apparent that her polished poise and sense of purpose will keep her in high demand in the industry.

Angelique heard about during a recent assignment, and joined right away. “I was abroad for a photo shoot, and the photographer started talking about some models he chooses from OneModelPlace. So I decided to register. I really like the fact that there are photographers from all over the world listed on OMP. I’m French, but I’m crazy about the U.S. I lived there for three years, so l would particularly love to work with more American photographers.”

This dark-haired beauty has embraced her unique looks and body type and discovered a successful niche in the industry. “As a glamour model, I feel totally different from the others models! I’m petite, brunette, very skinny, 100% natural, with a 32A cup size. Also, I’m 28 but I look like 20 ! Most of the models I know or see in magazines are totally the opposite — I guess I’m an alien in the business! As the same time, I’m so different that I get many offers from photographers, so I guess it’s a strength.”

A resident of Paris, Angelique got her first break in sunny South Florida. “My first professional photo shoot was in December 2007 in Miami for Playboy USA. I booked that job after being chosen from a big casting they had in Florida in September 2007. Before that, I modeled only once in 2002 for a Spanish hairdresser for an international hair contest.”

The experience shooting with Playboy was the most exciting photo shoot of her life. “Not only was it my first photo shoot, but it was a dream for me to pose for Playboy and I had so much fun with the team and the others models. But if you are going to pose for Playboy, you can’t be shy! The first thing they suggest is that you need to change and pose in front of everybody. I spent the all day walking around the house naked. They also welcome you to the Playboy family with a necklace, and you get invited to a lingerie party at the Playboy Mansion.”

When she moved back to France in 2008, Angelique only had her Playboy pictures in her portfolio, but that didn’t stop her from getting noticed and getting bookings. “The photographers thought if I posed for Playboy, it means I must be a great model. I was quickly introduced to a magazine director, and he chose me for their special edition for the 20th anniversary of the. I was selected as ‘one of the 25 sexiest model from south of France’. Of course, after the publication I have received many work offers, but surprisingly they were mostly fashion and beauty photo shoots!”

She likes to prepare in advance for her photo shoots. “I always go to bed early the night before. If I get too tired, it will be obvious in the pictures. That’s something no model wants, because makeup cannot really cover it.”

While she focuses on being prepared, she likes to free her mind during the actual shooting. “I never concentrate during a photo shoot!! Of course, you need to pose but it needs to look natural. The most important thing is to feel 100 percent comfortable with your body, because it shows in the picture if you are nervous or not.”

Angelique loves seeing herself in magazines, and collects all the ones she is featured in. “The challenging part is to be available for casting calls all the time. Each morning I checked casting calls, sometimes I reply to 20 of them in one day!”

The most important advice the lovely young lady can offer other aspiring hopefuls is to never be discouraged. “If I had listened to people at the beginning, because I was so different, I would never be what I’m here today. I always say, ‘Don’t dream your life, but live your dreams!’”

Angelique is now branching out into other avenues of the entertainment industry, including television. “Thanks to modeling, I was introduced to many television and movie casting directors. At the beginning of this year, I was chosen as a ‘bachelorette’ in a new TV reality show that will be on the air on the French channel TF1 in a month. That experience really changed my life both personally and professionally — but I’m not allowed to say any more before the show ends in December!”

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