International Model Micki is Inspiration for Models of All Ages

Micki (OMP Model # 6858) is a popular model on, and regularly offers her expertise as a working professional in the OMP Forums. She claims that she models as a hobby, but her commitment and passion for the field suggest otherwise.

This tall and talented U.K. resident got her start in the modeling business after photographer Chris James (OMP Member 4174) saw some snapshots on Yahoo profile. She recalls, “This was 2001, so there was no MySpace or Facebook at the time. Chris invited me all the way across the country for a photo shoot because he liked my legs and cheekbones. He told me he’d never shot anyone over the age of 24, so he thought he’d contact me and see if Id like to do a TFP shoot. I didn’t even know what TFP was, and I was naturally, quite wary. I talked it over with my husband, who Chris said was welcome to attend the shoot with me. I took him up on the offer. Chris is a brilliant photographer and gave me great direction. The finished results were so good even he was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was me in the pictures! He suggested that I start a portfolio on It’s been a great ride ever since.”

Micki feels fortunate enough to have worked with photographers in the USA, U.K., and all across Europe. She most recently shot in Hamburg with photographer Elias Ulrich of Elias Art Photographie (OMP Member 224063). “We met on the OMP forums. He introduced himself, and we sent a few posts to each other. I told him if he was ever in London, to look me up. A month or so later, he invited me to travel to Germany and paid for my plane ticket and my hotel. I felt so very complimented, since he works full-time as a professional photographer, and actually wanted to work with me on one of his free weekends. We shot all around the St. Pauli area where there are fabulous buildings. I had to change outfits on a park bench, and in the doorway of an office building. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to get the shot. It was very cold, and we had to wait long periods of time for the sun to come out since Elias has a dark style that relies on the strong contrast of sunlight and shadow. He shot me against the beautiful architecture in the city. Elias was such a treat to work with, and he told me he felt the same way about me. What an exciting adventure for me. He’s never been to the U.K., so I invited both him and his wife, who is a model as well, to stay at our house if they should ever travel to the U.K.”

She was also invited to be on a reality TV show last year called “Kitchen Sink to Catwalk.” “It was produced by the same people who produce ‘Britain’s Next Top Model.’ They only wanted women who were 40 years old or older. I was so fortunate to be chosen as one of the six models to be on the show. We all lived in a model house in London and for two weeks we were treated just like ‘real’ models, complete with commercial castings and photo shoots. It was an amazing adventure!”

Her husband says that Micki prepares for shoots as if they were military operations. “I plan about a week before the shoot for all the shorter-term goals, but I make sure my hair is freshly colored and cut about two weeks before an important shoot, as well as any other preliminary operations such as fake tan, hair removal, nails, etc. I’d say the best way to prepare would be to put each outfit or at least all the accessories for each outfit in plastic zip lock bags with the description of the outfit and contents printed in a sharpie pen on the outside of the bag. I don’t care if you are working in a studio or out on the streets, you need to be organized. You don’t need to be rummaging through your suitcase for that bracelet that puts the finishing touch on your outfit. The plastic bag method works perfectly, and you are far less likely to misplace an item during the shoot or leave it behind.”

During each photo shoot, Micki concentrates on being 100 percent in the present moment. “I plan my shoots very methodically. When I leave for the shoot, I leave all the details of where I’ll be and who I will be working with on my desk at home, and make a phone call letting my loved ones know I have arrived safely. Then when I arrive, I concentrate on the shoot at hand and how best to optimize the time I have with the photographer. My makeup is already applied, and only needs to be touched up. I am always focused on small details but keep myself aware of the bigger picture as well. I have my next outfit handy with the bag containing all the accessories for that look. If I am posing nude, I would have made sure to not have any lines on my skin from clothing and that my skin is not dry. I am always aware of my hands and feet and try to keep them relaxed, yet elegant. If you do not have an MUA, in-between outfit changes, you will need to take the time to powder your face, freshen your lipstick and touch up your eyes, especially the inside corners where makeup can collect and affect close-ups.”

Micki has made quite a successful career out of modeling. “People say, ‘Do what you love, and the money will follow.’ This is true. Paid jobs and tearsheets have come my way because I work my portfolio and I work the OMP site. The photographer grapevine might be on the world-wide web, but it’s a very small community and word will get around if you are a flake or have acted unprofessionally. I model mostly as a hobby because I have a full-time job, so modeling gives me a chance to get out of the house and see more of the country, to meet new and creative people, and to have wonderful experiences and images to share with my friends and family.”

She wants to remind aspiring models to have realistic expectations. “If you are 5’3”, chances are that you are not going to make it as a mainstream model, no matter how much you wish it to be so, or think the world should change just for you. But for anyone interested in the field, I would definitely read everything I could get my hands about modeling. The Internet is a rich source of information and misinformation. I would always suggest taking a trip to the One Model Place Forums and get involved in the discussions, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.”

OMP is a great way for models of any experience level to promote their career. “Join OMP and make sure to update your portfolio as often as possible — even if you don’t have any new images. You want people to know that you have a happening portfolio — that you are ready, willing and able to model right NOW! When you do get new pictures, only put up your best images, even if it’s a small amount at a time. Self-taken images will never allow you to put your best foot forward. When it comes to your portfolio, ‘ALL KILLER, NO FILLER’ should be your mantra! And use the networking tools on the site — leave tags, image and portfolio comments on other members’ portfolios.”

Having worked with over 100 OMP photographers, Micki has often heard the compliment that the photographers love working with her because of her maturity. “The very thing that I thought would handicap me from modeling, is actually my strength. I feel so blessed to have discovered OMP. It gave me a chance to open up a whole new world for myself. I have lots of stories and thousands upon thousands of beautiful pictures to leave for my grandchildren. I’d like to think they’ll remember grandma as a pretty cool chick!”

Image of Micki courtesy of Elias Ulrich of Elias Art Photographie

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  1. Chris James says:

    Wow you have done well – quite stunning my friend, quite stunning.


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  3. JohnnyK says:

    Wow, excellent lighting and a great pose on this B & W…beautiful ! ! !

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