SampleMeagan is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

SampleMeagan (OMP Model # 427504) feels that a career in modeling and photography may have been pre-determined. “My whole life I had people telling me I should model, so I grew up knowing I would do just that. My sister and I would take pictures of each other when we were as young as eight years old. We would play dress-up with our costume box. Then in high school, I was cast in the runway shows for the fashion design classes. By the time I got to college, I decided to go to school for photography to ‘help with my modeling’ and fell in love with that. I have been doing both ever since.”

Describing herself as a “modelographer,” this Syracuse, NY resident says that her favorite assignments involve photographers with whom she shares a mutual admiration. In many cases, we have worked together for an extended amount of time. I have a number of these relationships, and it’s great to look at the collection of photographs we acquire.” became a great resource for SampleMeagan when booking shoots outside of her area. “The casting calls on OMP have been a big help to me to find quality paying work while traveling out-of-state. They keep me alive, keep me eating, and help my passion for photography and traveling.”

One of her secret model weapons she relies on during photo shoots is making a connection with the camera. “Eye contact is very important to me. I’m not just looking at the camera, and I’m not necessarily looking at the photographer, either. Sometimes I’m looking at my ‘fans’ or viewers and sometimes I’m looking in the mirror, depending on how I feel. But I’m always seeing you, and letting you see me. I’m also hyper-aware of my whole body. I always try to envision what it looks like from a photographer’s point of view.”

She is grateful that modeling allows her to make wonderful pictures and get paid for it. “That funds my huge passion for traveling. But living that lifestyle is also a challenge. I often do not know where my next paycheck is coming from, sometimes I don’t know where I’m sleeping, and the whole thing can definitely be a lonely experience.”

SampleMeagan’s advice for models is “know what you like, don’t settle, and don’t expect to be paid right away. In fact, you should refuse to accept paid work until you’ve worked with photographers for trade who you really love their work. It was a couple years before I started accepting paid work.”

She also has some excellent suggestions for models who want to start shooting artistic nudes. “Choose a photographer who you like so much that you have no expectations of them paying you or anything else for that matter. Meet them first to make sure you’re comfortable. Then, have fun! If it’s not fun, it’s not for you.”

Image courtesy of Jaime Ibarra

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