Mark Niemi Shares His Passion for Creative Images and Model Management

Mark Niemi (OMP Member #8742) first ventured into taking pictures in high school. Little did he know it would become a lifelong ambition. “While in high school, I needed an elective and Photography 101 sounded like fun. Soon after starting that class, I knew it was going to be a passion. After that, I bought a Yashica 135 camera and started shooting everything I could.”

This versatile photographer from Illinois found a home for his photos on “Several years ago I stumbled upon OMP after a colleague mentioned it to me. I was immediately impressed with the amount of quality members on the site.”

When Mark is not setting up imaginative shots behind the camera, he is calling the shots for the careers of upcoming talent as the head of Creative Images & Model Management (CIMM). In addition to shoot subjects, One Model Place also helped him discover new talent and book jobs for his roster of models. “Out of all of the modeling websites that come and go on the net, OMP has, from day one, been my best venue for networking. Not only for my photography, but also for the models I have represented over the years. MTV contacted me through OMP to cast one of my models for a TV episode. OMP has also connected me with other major companies, looking to book models or my photography services. It’s the main online source I use for the business.”

The site has allowed Mark to book models of all types and experience levels. “I use the casting calls on OMP, but find it just as useful to do a search to contact models directly. I also like the fact that there is an internal email system on OMP – very professional!”

His advice for photographers just starting out is straightforward — “Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. But make sure you have others giving you feedback on your work. We all started out as beginners at one point so hook up with other photographers that you can work with and learn from. Also, if you are shooting models, you need to shoot with a model that is better than you are… so you may have to pay for the model’s time. One of the best ways to nvest in your craft by hiring a good, established model.”

Having been a model manager for over a decade, Mark admits that it has helped him shape his photography pursuits as well. “As a manager, I think there is a little more credibility with models and companies looking to work with me, since I can offer a business perspective to any situation. It also makes me stay on top of my game with current trends.”

He has guided many talented OMP models in their career paths. “I think years of common sense and learning things ‘on the street’ has enabled me to guide models more effectively since I learned from doing and not having someone handing me the information. Experience truly is the best teacher.”

Mark has discovered a lot of talent through “There is a tremendous amount of talent on OMP and I have used the site to find talent for commercial work, fashion shows, and industrial videos. In addition, I have gained a lot of true friends in the OMP community.”

Fittingly, Mark’s final words are encouraging ones for aspiring models. “For all those models out there getting discouraged because you aren’t advancing – hang in there! It can take years before you are ‘discovered’ for anything major. Take ‘no’ as the next step for moving upward and improving your skills.”

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