The Unseen LIFE of a Rat Packer

Models and photographers on will find plenty of inspiration within the images featured on, the website companion to LIFE Magazine. The site’s latest discovery offers a slice of history with a glimpse behind the spotlight.

Celebrity photography has such a rich and glorified history that goes way beyond today’s paparazzi pics in tabloids. Check out these newly-released images of the infamous Rat Pack, courtesy of LIFE Magazine.

From the website: Sinatra and his kindred crew of high-living, hard-drinking, skirt-chasing buddies — Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop — were showbiz’s kings of swing, quick-with-a-quip cats who could swagger into any joint — from the Sands to Sardi’s — and make it the most.

LIFE’s photographers, of course, trailed the various members of the Pack through those magic years, coming away with the material for some of the best celebrity photo essays the magazine ever ran. But of those thousands of shots taken, many have never been published — until now, on the following slides of this gallery. To mark the golden 50th  anniversary of Ocean’s 11, presents never-before-seen images of the Rat Pack, together and apart, during their heyday.

Pictured: Sammy visits Frank and Dean at MGM Studios, where the duo were making Some Came Running, 1958. The movie costarred Rat Pack “mascot” Shirley MacLaine, who, years later, would affectionately describe her old friends as “primitive children who would put crackers in each other’s beds and dump spaghetti on new tuxedos.” Photo: Allan Grant/TIME & LIFE Pictures

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