Athena is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Athena (OMP Model #437672) was chosen to do a photo shoot for the Kodak company when she was just 13. But she would have to wait seven years before she took the next step towards a modeling career. “My parents were not very fond if the idea of me being a model, and for a while I attempted to subscribe to their ideals. Then at the age of 20, I decided to pursue it again, and now I am happy I did.”

The Texas resident’s formal entry into modeling came after getting hired as a booking assistant at a Houston agency. “I did a shoot for fun with their men’s high fashion photographer and a makeup artist friend of hers. It was a lot of fun and the pictures were amazing. I became motivated to do more. I started to shoot with photographers I found online, and started to get work offers.”

She relates that was a major help in finding photographers. “ is great in so many ways, and has already helped my career. I just signed with an acting agency who contacted me through OMP, and that has opened doors for me. In just a short period of time, the site allowed me to meet and work with some really wonderful and talented people.”

One of those photographers, Jon Barry (OMP Member #41308), has become a frequent collaborator and mentor. Athena recalls a particularly memorable assignment the two were on recently. “During the shoot, we wanted to get some shots in a swampy pond. I was terrified because I don’t like to be in bodies of water where the inhabitants of the water are a mystery. Plus, to get into the pond I had to walk my way through a downhill, five-foot barrier of reeds that were as tall as me!”

She admits she doesn’t do very much to prepare for shoots. “I just make sure I have my makeup and whatever wardrobe I’m bringing, if I’m required to provide those things. I prefer not to walk in with a set of predetermined poses. I really like to improvise and mentally have a clean slate so I can be open to what feels natural to me in the moment based on what I’m wearing, where we are, and what the photographer and I are trying to accomplish — which can be many different things in one shoot. Once I’m in front of the camera, I try to visualize what the camera is seeing and the lines and angles I am creating with my body.”

The main challenge of modeling in Athena’s opinion is the travel time away from home. “I love to travel and I always enjoy doing it, but it’s hard to be away from my little girl, puppy and cat. I always miss them so much when I’m on the road.”

Along with her fellow OMP models, Athena advises anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the industry to “have fun and don’t forget to be yourself in front of the camera!”

Image courtesy of Jon Barry

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