Marina is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Marina (OMP Model #273672) is celebrating her fifth anniversary as a professional fine art model, and still has not lost her enthusiasm for the career. “It’s been a fun ride and I’m loving every minute of it!”

The Virginia resident discovered that a fellow model she admired on the Internet had linked her personal profile back to “Once I found OMP, I knew I had to join up! The site has been a real blessing to me! I’ve made a ton of bookings through them. I’ve done a number of OMP projects, which have been very successful. I have been with this site ever since I started modeling and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me and my career!”

She got a head start in the competitive field by seeking out and shooting with one of the top photographers on OMP, GW Burns (OMP Member #18425). “When I decided to get into the modeling business, I looked at all the photographer portfolios within a 300 mile radius. I liked GW Burns’ work the best, so I contacted him and scheduled a photo shoot to see if I would like modeling or not. The photo shoot was an incredible experience, and I was hooked from that point on!”

Born in the Ukraine, some of Marina’s favorite shoots have included workshop assignments for Burns that offered her opportunities to travel to other parts of the world. “I have been blessed with the chance to shoot in a large number of unique locations. I have been in the jungles of Costa Rica and Dominican Republic, the latter a co-production with OMP. I have shot in the lovely Greek isle of Santorini. I’ve shot in numerous mansions, at countless beaches, and a lot of unique locations. Every day is an adventure!”

The Virginia resident prides herself on her professional approach to the job. “I arrive on time, fully made-up, and ready to shoot. I realize that photographers who hire me expect a lot, and I try very hard to deliver. I want each and every one of them to come away with shots that they can be very happy with and very proud of. The biggest compliment I can get is a repeat booking.”

Preparing for a photo shoot means plenty of pre-planning for Marina. “The first thing I do is coordinate everything with the photographer. I try to find out what he wants to shoot and what ideas he has. We’ll discuss outfits and concepts, which then makes the preparation a lot easier. From there, it’s simply a matter of packing. I also try to get plenty of sleep before the shoot, so I am at my tip-top form.”

She also works closely with her collaborators during shoots. “I concentrate on the photographer’s lead. I watch for their cues and listen to what they want. I try very hard to give them what it is they are after. Also, if I have an idea of how I can make a shot more what the photographer wants, I’ll offer it.”

Marina has clear thoughts on the rewards and challenges of modeling. “I think the biggest reward is the lifetime experiences I’ve gathered. I’ve traveled to exotic locations, enjoyed incredible cuisine, met some of the most talented people in this industry, and so much more! The final reward is when I get to see the final pictures. It gives me a lot of pride to see what people have shot, and it’s something I’ll be able to look at 20 years from now and say, ‘Hey, that was me!’ The challenges are varied. It could be as simple as getting up at 5am to get ready for a shoot. It can be standing on a boulder in the roaring surf as the waves splash around me. It could be the physical discomfort of posing, freezing, or cooking from the heat while on a shoot.”

Her advice for aspiring models is definitely inspiring. “I would say take the time to develop quality relationships with all the good photographers. Don’t limit yourself to one or two photographers. You want to build your portfolio out with as much variety as you can. And always do your best to be professional — it really reflects on your work!”

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