Ashley is the New OMP Model of the Week

Ashley (Model ID# 436993) is a veritable modeling veteran with five years of experience. She is also very versatile. “Most people think I have that girl-next-door, L.A. , Maxim-type look. But I’m actually very versatile, and I am trying to focus on getting different looks into my portfolio.”

The Louisiana beauty discovered when she just starting out, and has met a lot of great photographers and agencies through OMP. However, her first opportunity to shine in the spotlight was quite unexpected. “I met a lady at my job who said I should do a hair show. From there, I met an agency and then photographers, which led to assignments at fashion shows and ad campaigns.”

This “Hometown Hotties” model recently took on a much more conservative role. “I was asked to walk in the “Dolls of the World” Barbie fashion show. Mattel selected me, and I’ll either be repping the Germany Barbie, or, hopefully, the America (Statue of Liberty) Barbie herself! Either way, being a part of the show is just phenomenal, and i’m honored. I’m looking forward to getting more amazing opportunities from the event.”

Ashley likes to prepare in advance for photo shoots. “If I know ahead of time, I try and eat light and exercise with some cardio the day before. I’ll typically do a scrub or peel on my face to make sure my skin is extra nice, and often I will spray myself withsunless tanner before bed and shower off the morning of the shoot.”

To Ashley, the rewards of modeling are the benefits she gets from reaching her goals the she works so hard for. “The challenges are doing what you HAVE TO DO to get there. It’s such a hard and cruel industry. You just have to remember not to let the failures phase you, because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure in the modeling and acting world.”

She has some serious advice for models who want to break into the business. “Never pay an agency to help you get work. And before you work with any photographer, check out their work and make sure you are comfortable with their style of images. Go with your instincts and always bring a good companion with you to shoots.”

Ashley has some final words of wisdom from her five years in the industry. “If modeling is what you love, then don’t let anyone get in the way. You’re only young once!”

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