Valentine is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Valentine (OMP Model #228885) has modeled for over five years now, and has no intention of retiring anytime soon – which is great news for all the photographers who have yet to work with this talented young lady.

She got her start as a model via a newspaper advertisement. “I answered this ad in the paper, not really knowing what to expect, and was suddenly transformed into a 1940s pinup girl complete with victory curls and everything. That was a lot of fun. I enjoy embodying a totally new persona from time to time.”

These days, the Louisiana resident focused mainly on fine art shoots. “I’m an art model, which I really enjoy. I mostly do art nudes. I’ve always been really interested in art, and the more I model, the more I’ve been getting into photography. Having a good understanding of aesthetics and light really helps my work.”

She discovered through a search on the Internet. “Joining OMP has helped my career a lot. I have really had so many awesome shoots with such great people. I don’t live in a big market for modeling, so it has been awesome to travel all over and connect with photographers everywhere.”

Preparing for a photo shoot is an important part of the process for Valentine. “I like to review each photographer’s portfolio to get a good idea of his or her style. It’s important to communicate what kind of images we’re trying to achieve in the shoot. Also, I spend some time stretching, just in case I get asked to do a backbend again.” During a shoot, she keeps track of the lights and the shadows. “I try to visualize what the photographer is highlighting.”

Valentine strives to produce beautiful images, meet interesting people, and learn lots about photography. “I’ve traveled all over the country to lovely and weird locations. However, it can be challenging sometimes when I realize I am
pushing myself too hard. So it’s important to find a good balance between work and personal time.

Her advice for models just starting out: “I think they should watch themselves posing in different ways and see which angles are best for them. Models should see how it looks when they are lit from different angles. And they should look at lots of beautiful photographs and look at pictures of great models to figure
out why they’re so great.”

Vivacious Valentine is always up for shooting, and may be coming to your town soon. “I’m headed to New York in two weeks and want to do something amazing while I’m there! Look me up on OMP and let’s collaborate!”

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