Weekend Controversy — How a Former Model Became a CD Covergirl

One Model Place members who routinely fill out releases for photographers may want to read this story about a woman whose early modeling photo ended up on a popular bands CD cover.

As reported on EW.com, former model Ann Kirsten Kennis was surprised to see her face on the front cover of Vampire Weekend‘s Contra when her teenage daughter brought the album home this year. “Her daughter came home one day and said, ‘Hi, Mom, see your picture?’” attorney Alan Neigher, who is representing Kennis in her $2 million lawsuit against the band for allegedly using her image without permission, tells EW.

Kennis retired from modeling years ago and now lives in Connecticut with her husband and daughter. According to her lawyer, the photo was taken in 1983, but not as part of her professional career. “It was taken by her family,” Neigher says. “It was a Polaroid, not a modeling picture.” So how did it wind up on the cover of a No. 1 hit album? Kennis isn’t sure. “Her mother was a chronic Polaroid snapshot taker, and used to sell whole archives of photographs to these shops, five bucks a hundred or whatever,” says Neigher. “Her mother may have given away to a charity bazaar a whole ream of photographs. We just really don’t know…She has no idea how that photograph got into the photographer’s hands.”

“The photographer” is Tod Brody, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit. He laughed out loud when told of Kennis’ story. “Ms. Kennis’ claim that I didn’t take the photo is blatantly false,” Brody tells EW. “I took the photo in 1983. The photo was in my possession the entire time, for 26 years, until it was delivered to Vampire Weekend.” Brody declined further comment, citing his own attorneys’ advice.

See the entire item here: EW.com

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One Response to Weekend Controversy — How a Former Model Became a CD Covergirl

  1. This happens all the time.

    What is worse is when models are exploited by people. I have heard of 2 situations in the last week.

    One model shot for someone, completely understanding the images would be sold. That wasn’t the problem, the problem happened when the people who bought the images resold them and they ended up on a porn site. This giving the impression this model was doing porn when she only does art nudes.

    The second situation happen when a completely unscrupulous person or persons most likely overseas, stole G rated pictures of a model I know, posted them on a supposed blog of this model and had text from supposedly from the model saying how she like anal sex. It is completely disgusting what people are doing to make money.

    So you are warned.

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