Jennifer is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Jennifer (OMP Model #440904) has only been modeling for a year, but she’s been busy ever since. Part of the reason she is so comfortable with her body is that she has been dancing since the age of three. “There was a photo shoot at the ballet studio I was attending. Some of my fellow dancers and I did our first shoot together.

One of her photographer friends suggested she join, and the move paid off. “Since joining, photographers began to contact me online. Having a portfolio on OMP definitely opened up more doors and opportunities. I’d love to make a full-time career from modeling!”

The Canadian native describes herself as being laid back and always open to new ideas. “I love going through the photos with the photographer and working together to create the ideal setting and style of shot. I like all sorts of shoots, from edgy concepts to elegant, conservative assignments. I enjoy all of the refined things in life and I highly respect myself, my photographers, and fellow models. I’m true to myself, and I do not participate in any photo shoots that compromise my values.”

Every experience in front of the camera is different, fun and exciting for this brunette beauty. “Before each shoot, the photographer and I usually converse for quite a while to make sure our personalities are compatible. We iron out the details and the vision for the shoot. I also like to keep in great physical shape, taking care of my body and eating healthy. During the shoot, I try to have fun, relax, and maintain open communication with the photographer.”

To Jennifer, the final images are the obvious reward, but she also enjoys getting “glammed up” and embodying someone else for the duration of the shoot. “It’s a fun and refreshing outlet!” However, she relates that models need to steel themselves against possible negative feedback. “Not everyone is going to like you or the photos, and it’s sometimes difficult not to take feedback personally.”

She has some excellent advice for models just starting out. “Promote yourself and build a supportive network for yourself. Be open to different styles of modeling and photos, but never compromise on what you truly envision for yourself. Stay true to who you are.”

Jennifer also wants her fellow OMP members to know that she is “always open to photoshoots, suggestions, constructive criticism, and working with other models… so drop me a note if you have any ideas!”

Check out Jennifer’s OMP Portfolio

Image by Samantha Scharf Photography

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