Christina is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Enthusiastic, effervescent Christina OMP Model #134034 has almost being modeling half of her entire life. Working in the business since she was 10 years old, the 19-year-old has made quite an impact on all the photographers she has worked with.

Christina is also familiar to many members after being selected as the 2006 Teen Model of the Year and being featured in our “Day in the Life of a Teen Model” videos. After entering a fashion contest on the site, she was surprised to find out that she actually won. “I won a trip to Florida for a photo shoot and met the whole OMP staff! They were great and took great care of me and my mom!”

She received the royal treatment as the OMP Teen Model of the Year. “My mom and I were picked up at the airport by this awesome bus with OMP logos all over it! We felt like VIPs the whole time! Part of winning the fashion contest was receiving $500, I got this HUGE check that everyone signed, even the webmaster dog, Chapetto, with his paw print, and we nicknamed it ‘Numcheck.’ We still have that check! The whole experience was so much fun, and I would love to do it again!”

Christina wants everyone to know that OMP is full of opportunities. “You can meet amazing people, participate in contests, plus it helps to introduce you to the modeling world! It’s awesome if your just starting out! I don’t know any better way to further yourself and your modeling career!”

She got her start as a model in an unusual way. “It’s a funny story, actually. I was going snow-tubing on a mountain with my Dad. I was completely bundled up to my eyeballs. Thankfully my eyes were showing because in the ski lodge we met a photographer, Dan Doyle OMP Member #53176 who told me and my dad that he loved my eyes! We had lunch with him a week or so later, and my first photo shoot was scheduled shortly after that!”

The Albany, NY resident may take her modeling seriously, but not herself. “I’d say I like to be less business and more fun. I like to have fun when I shoot — make jokes, do silly things, and be friendly. But don’t worry, I get the job done! But I’m never serious, unless I’m doing a ‘bad ass’ face, of course.”

A fan of high fashion, Christina loves getting, as she puts it, “glammed” up. “Big hair, lots of makeup, funky stylish clothes.” She also likes outdoor shoots – “When the weather is nice, that is! I especially like shooting near lakes, oceans and fields.”

Her preparation for photo shoots is in the bag.
“I have a ‘models bag’ — it’s actually a Victoria’s Secret bag that says ‘Supermodel’ on it. I put all of my clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup, and hair products in it the night before. The day before a shoot, I eat only healthy little meals, and on the day of the shoot, I don’t eat anything till we take a break for lunch, it makes my tummy hard and flat.”

During a shoot, Christina concentrates on getting into character. “If I’m doing high fashion, I’m a snob. If I’m in a field, I’m a cowgirl — I’m not scared to play in the dirt! It just depends on the outfit, location, and what the photographer is looking for. I like to focus on the assignment… and having a little fun of course!”

One thing this brunette beauty wants to let everyone know is that modeling is not easy. “It’s not just getting dressed up and standing there; I swear, it is actually mentally and physical draining! So after eight hours, it’s everything I can do not to take a little cat nap! At that point, I like to grab a coffee from Starbucks, with EXTRA expresso! Of course, modeling does offer tons of rewards! Every girl loves to look pretty! Plus, you meet a lot of great people, visit awesome places, and get to share some amazing experiences.”

Christina has some excellent advice for beginning models. “Start out with a photographer you trust and start a friendship with them — you could work with them for nine years, or longer! Also, have a role model. There’s this one Victoria’s Secret model that I’ve always wanted to be like, she’s beautiful. Get support from your family, and if you love it, go for it! All you need is a little hard work, and you can do anything!”

Image of Christina OMP Model #134034 by Dan Doyle OMP Member #53176

Check out Christina’s “Day in the Life of a Teen Model” videos:

Video Part 1

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