The Danielle is the OMP Hot Model of the Week is the perfect place to book out-of-state models when traveling this summer.

For example, The Danielle OMP Model #334886 is THE model to book when in Central Florida. This golden-haired beauty — who describes herself as “very motivated, energetic, fun, and extremely focused when on a shoot” — has already been discovered by Playboy photographers and lights up any photo shoot she is on.

Modeling for the past four years, she got her start by taking photos of herself and sending them off for modeling submissions. Her Playboy adventure began in just that way. “I simply submitted some photos I had of myself, and I received a phone call from Playboy telling me they were very interested. They flew me down to Miami where I worked with one of their photographers and had a great photo shoot. It was really fun — the photographer and all the people on set were great to work with.”

Preparing for a photo shoot is easy for T.D. “I always like to feel good about the way I look, so I make sure I have had some intense workouts at the gym and several tanning sessions. I usually start preparing a couple days prior to each shoot to make sure everything is ready.

During a shoot, she focuses on being natural and giving the photographer plenty of good angles.
As much as she enjoys being in front of the camera, her favorite part of the long day is seeing the final results.

She believes that the rewards of modeling are worth the effort involved. “At the end of the day, you can relax and see your good work.” For beginning models, she advises, “Practice posing in the mirror a lot and take a lot of pictures of yourself to find what angles look the best. At the shoot, be as relaxed as you can be so that your images will look better.”

T.D. discovered by searching the web for different model sites. “One Model Place is a great place to meet photographers that are very good. You can meet and get some good work from OMP.”

Image of The Danielle OMP Model #334886 courtesy of Playboy

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