Estonian Beauty Ly is Very Passionate About Modeling Career

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If you ask model-actress-singer Ly OMP Model #393439 to describe herself, this is the response you will get. “I am hard-working, positive, always nice and friendly, and full of energy.”

The Estonian beauty was first asked to model in 2007 for a friend who was a fashion designer, then took a year off before becoming very active in the modeling scene. She was inspired to make a serious career move after meeting popular model, Jillian Ann OMP Model #1874.

“Jillian was the same height and weight as me. When I saw her portfolio on, I thought, ‘Wow, her photos are fantastic! I can do this too — I do not have to be very tall to be part of modeling industry.’ So I started to read about modeling online and signed up for OMP.”

Ly did her first shoot soon afterward, which she enjoyed very much. “I found a photographer called Tony Papale OMP Member #1405 and many others through OMP. Those first shoots lead to other great opportunities. So I am very happy and thankful to OMP.”

The California resident is definitely very passionate about her work. “I love modeling! it gives me energy and confidence to move forward in life, the same with singing and acting. I believe I was born to do all this, and I am ready to work very hard to achieve my goals and get good photos. I also have strong values -– it is very important for me to keep myself from everything in the industry that can be harmful.”

She always strives for to get the best results in each photo shoot. “I love working with photographers who use lighting so well that when I look at the photos later, they look better than I imagined. Good results are very important. I also like when photographers give models a certain amount of freedom and at the same time guide them throughout the shoot. It feels great!”

Ly relates that she enjoys the whole process of doing a photo shoot, and getting great photos that will last forever is an extra incentive. Her goals as a model include getting herself notices and being signed by an agency. She would also like to be submitted for commercials.

As for advice for beginning models, Ly suggests, “Set up test shoots with photographers who also need photos for their portfolio, to see if this is really what you want to do. Once you decide that modeling is for you, work hard and be nice to people in the industry.”

Image of Ly OMP Model #393439

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