Tracy is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Tracy OMP Model #438419 is this week’s OMP Hot Model of the Week. Since she can remember, Tracy has always wanted to model, but only got started in the business about two months ago with the help of photographer Fischer Bessi OMP Model #201954 . “I was a housekeeper at a hotel, and Fischer was staying in my section. We met, talked, and he came to me later with a question he had to ask, ‘Can I take your headshots?’ That’s how it all started. Thanks, Fischer!”

While she admits she may be a bit too short for the runway, 5’4″ Tracy points out that she makes up for it by being “outgoing, bold, adventurous, easygoing, and fun!”

The Florida resident has learned a lot from all of the photographers she has shot with, including Jon Barry OMP Member #41308 who recently took the image pictured above.

Tracy likes to concentrate on doing her best during each shoot, and is grateful for both the rewards and challenges that modeling brings. “There are so many rewards. Meeting new people, seeing new things, seeing things differently, and of course financially it’s beneficial. I just enjoy modeling all around. As for the challenges… I just try to keep my head up and keep pushing forward. When one door closes, another always opens, and you just have to keep that positive thinking or else you’ll get nowhere.”

The bright brunette also wants to caution models who are new to the business. “Don’t let someone push you around. Keep a strong voice. People like that anyways.”

Tracy hopes that OMP will help her career as she moves on to future assignments. “I believe if you look for what you want, and work for it, you will achieve it. OMP is definitely Step One in the process.”

Image of Tracy OMP Model #438419 courtesy of Jon Barry OMP Member #41308

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