Chelsie is the Next OMP Rising Star

Image of Chelsie OMP Model #308638 courtesy of Dan Doyle OMP Member #53176

As you all know, has helped many younger models get their start in the industry. Need further proof? Check out this OMP success story:

Chelsie OMP Model #308638 is celebrating her one-year anniversary as a professional model. However, she has enjoyed being in front of the camera practically her entire life. “I have been posing for my mom since I was three months old. My mom had always been a bit of a photographer hobbyist and she made me her favorite subject. Little did we know us driving around to interesting locations and me posing in some of my favorite outfits was basically the same as being on location for a photo shoot.”

She discovered online while researching modeling sites that allowed people to promote themselves in a safe environment. “I literally started not knowing anyone who modeled or anything about modeling. One Model Place made it easy for me to set up a free account. I was introduced to professionals in my area and began networking. Many of the photographers I’ve worked with have used the site to locate models. OMP is a great asset to anyone who is starting out.”

The New York resident received a lot of response upon joining OMP. “After a few weeks, the offers to shoot with professional photographers started coming in. I added the new pictures from each shoot and continued to get more offers from other photographers. Most photographers I worked with booked me again before the shoot was over and they all left an imprint on me by teaching me some ‘trick of the trade.’ June marks my one-year anniversary of modeling professionally, and I have worked with 17 photographers, completed 24 photo shoots, modeled in two fashion shows, and won the title of the ‘Teen Face of e.l.f. cosmetics 2010 Finalist.’”

When asked to describe herself as a model, the teen replied, “This has to be the hardest question you have asked.. then I realized that Chelsie the model is no different then Chelsie the daughter, student, cheerleader, friend or babysitter down the street. I am just me! I am focused, hardworking, easygoing, dorky, addicting, normal, average teenage girl.”

Chelsie considers her favorite shoots to be the ones closest to home. “I love the shoots where the photographers have come to my hometown and shot me on my home turf. There have been five of them. Going to NYC and shooting at the home office of e.l.f. cosmetics was an exciting shoot, too. The staff there was so nice and they showed us the behind the scene of the e.l.f. cosmetic operations and sent me home with cases of products to share with my cheer squad.”

She relates that a lot of work goes into preparing for a photo shoot. “Most of the time a photographer contacts me and my parents with an idea for a shoot. Then we spend a lot of time communicating before the shoot. Planning out all the little details like hair, makeup and accessory ideas. I also increase my physical workouts a few days before a shoot to make sure my abs, arms and legs look toned. I make sure my hair has no split ends and my nails are clean and polish-free unless colored nails were part of our plan. Then I try to make sure I have the car packed the night before so all I have to do is wake up on time.”

Chelsie tries hard to concentrate on one thing during a shoot – “Not blinking! Other than that, I try to demand attention from the camera and focus on the lens to give the photographer the look he wants so we can move on to the next style.”

For Chelsie, the rewards of modeling have included meeting many great people who have taught me so much. “They are more like family than coworkers.” The biggest challenge to the model is that the career choice is never easy. Modeling is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. It is not all glamorous like people think. It’s a lot of hard work by a bunch of people just to get that one perfect shot. But I love it, so it’s all worth it in the end.”

The best advice Chelsie can give to anyone who wants to start modeling is to be open and willing to try new looks out of your normal comfort zone. “Be willing to get animated, silly, creative, carefree. Be ready to think outside of the box. I think of modeling as playing dress-up. When I look at some of my pictures I get blown away thinking. ‘Wow, is that me?’ Sometimes the outfits I wear or the way I look is so out-of-the-normal from what most people know me as — the quiet simple country girl.”

Her summer is already booked with exciting assignments. “This summer I have been booked for two commercials with local companies. I will also be traveling out-of-state to work with some new photographers, as well as posing for a photographer who is working on his third photography book.”

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