Tiffany is the OMP Hot Model of the Week is filled with success stories among models, photographers, and other artists in the industry. Here is another example of a young talent who found success on the site:

Tiffany ( (OMP Model #374831) has modeled for the past two years, and is still excited and enthusiastic about her career choice. “It’s gone by so fast, and I’m still having such a great time doing it.”

The Nevada resident got her start after being offered a professional photo shoot from a photographer at a party at age 18. Two years later, she was given a free photo shoot for her 20th birthday.

Then a few months after that, a photographer friend introduced her to I “I figured since I already had professional photos, I should try my luck and see what happens. I’m so happy that I took that risk — it’s definitely been worth it. The responses have been and continue to be wonderful. OMP has introduced me to an entire different group of talent that may not have known about me or my modeling, and has open up some wonderful opportunities.”

She considers herself to be a very versatile model. “I really do enjoy shooting everything, from pinup and lingerie to fetish and gore. Every shoot presents itself as a challenge to be better than before and improve my posing skills. I would have to say that my favorite style to shoot is lingerie — it just feels the best when I’m wearing sexy bras and stockings. Plus the locations where some of the photographers have shot me in lingerie are just surreal.”

Tiffany also likes to participate in the process of photo-taking. “At shootouts, I get to share ideas with the other models and collaborate with the photographers to make the shoot better. I love throwing in my two cents and offering my creative input. I also love it anytime I’m shooting in a very public place, like posing on the Las Vegas strip or being the focus of a photography class.”

Preparing in advance for a photo shoot allows Tiffany to make sure she is ready for each assignment. “I make sure I work out regularly and eat right at all times. The night before I make sure I’m all packed up for the next day and I exfoliate my face. I definitely get plenty of sleep and a healthy meal before the shoot. I don’t understand the models that starve before a shoot — usually the point of a shoot is to look healthy and alive. You don’t want to eat too much where you get a ‘food baby,’ but if you can’t make it through the shoot because you’re tired and hungry, that’s not a good thing.”

In front of the camera, Tiffany likes to concentrate on poses that she is trying to perfect and keeping an intense stare through the lens of the camera. “I try and remember things that I may have needed to work on from my previous shoots as far as body positioning and expressions. Also most importantly I try to make sure I’m having fun. My feelings have always been very apparent on my face since I was young, so if I’m not having a great time or completely involved in the shoot, you’ll be able to tell in the photos. The photographers don’t want that, and I don’t want that either.”

The rewards of modeling definitely outweigh the challenges, according to Tiffany. “I would have to say the rewards are the respect that you get when you are a model with morals. I know exactly the styles of modeling that I’m willing to do and I stick to it — no amount of money or print work can change that. Even though that upsets some people at first, they later express to me how they respect it. I’m very punctual and that is well-known by those that I work with. Also, I respect anyone that I work with — other models, MUAs and photographers.”

She continues, “As far as challenges go, I’d have to say the main thing is trying to keep yourself different from the pack. I never want to fall in any category — besides being amazing. I don’t want photographers to be able to describe me to others in just a few words.”

Her advice for aspiring models is both intuitive and insightful. “I’d have to say, don’t give up, If you enjoy modeling, then never quit. If you don’t enjoy it , then stop. If you just want cool photos and do not plan on networking and promoting yourself, then don’t consider yourself a model. But if you are serious about modeling, take care of yourself, eat right and keep a good workout schedule so that you always look your best on camera. Maintain a healthy weight for you, and take care of your skin as well. Whether or not you do these things are instantly apparent when you see the photos from a shoot.”

Tiffany reminds models to always listen to critique in a positive way and don’t take it to heart. “Whenever anyone gives you suggestions about your modeling, realize that if you agree with them, then you have plenty of time to change. Think of critiques as challenges, and of the person who offers them as just have a different method of helping people. That always helps me out.”

The 5’4” brunette has a special message for her vertically-challenged colleagues. “For all my short models, being short does not equal that you must shoot nudes. We all have styles that we don’t feel comfortable or wish to ever shoot, and that’s a personal decision that everyone has the right to make for themselves without being convinced to do otherwise.”

Check out more of Tiffany’s work on her OMP Portfolio

Photo courtesy of DIG Photographic

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