Model Madison Ashton Seeks Claim Against Late Billionaire

A model has become a hot topic after making claims that a late billionaire loved her and therefore she deserves part of his estate.

As reported by Annette Sharp in the Herald Sun, model Madison Ashton OMP Model #287014 is making a claim against the estate of deceased billionaire Richard Pratt.

The Australian beauty, a one-time Penthouse pet, has lodged a statement of claim in the NSW Supreme Court for a slice of Mr Pratt’s $5 billion. She has also appeared in Down Under versions of People and Hustler Magazines.

It is further alleged that Ms Ashton, who commanded $3000 an hour during her days in the sex industry, quit after Mr Pratt fell in love with her and offered to support her.

Ms Ashton is said to be claiming there was a “financial arrangement” in place, further alleging to have documented evidence of the arrangement.

It is not known how much she hopes to win in any court settlement with the family.

The Pratt family were still refusing to comment on the allegations last night. They will file a defense tomorrow in the NSW Supreme Court.

Follow this link to see more images on Madison Ashton’s OMP Portfolio

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