Day in the Life of Model Jaslene Gonzalez

Anyone who wants to become a model knows the first step is to sign up at Then maybe one day they can be in the running to become “America’s Next Top Model.”

Now offers an exclusive glimpse into a day in the life of Jaslene Gonzalez, the winner of the eighth cycle of Tyra Banks’s ANTM reality series.

As reported by Ben Widdicombe, Gonzalez wanted to show other young women who may be considering a career in the industry what goes on during a typical day in a model’s life. It was an almost eight-hour day for Jaslene and the crew. In a photo studio located inside New York’s west side piers, Gonzalez was working with young photographer Elle Muliarchyk taking images to update her model portfolio. Rather than shoot for a particular client, she would be wearing a selection of different outfits to include in the book that is shown to magazines or companies who may consider hiring her.

Three tips from Jaslene for young people who may want to develop modeling skills of their own:

1. Keep it natural: beauty from within is a common trait and we want to be relateable.

2. Have fun and play with fashion! Show your happy side always.

3. Practice in the mirror! Learn how to make atleast twelve different facial expression without moving your lips!

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