Kira is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

Kira (OMP Model #228814) is a five-year veteran of the modeling industry. Now she is also the OMP Hot Model of the Week.

The Oregon resident had always wanted to model as a teen, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. “At age 19, I was asked by a friend who was going to photography school to give it a try. I loved it! Shortly thereafter, I joined One Model Place and began doing trade shoots. My modeling career would not be possible without the connections I’ve made here on OMP. The internet has revolutionized modeling and photography, and One Model Place is a huge part of that.”

Kira admits she loves any shoot with a great concept. “I believe if you have a good theme, the rest will follow. I love shooting on location as well as in studio with props and sets!”

Her credits include assignments for designers including Makool, Drama Queen, and Frocky Jack Morgan, along with hair shoots for clients such as Bishops Barbershop, The Teals and Propaganda Salon.

Later this year, Kira is packing her bags to work abroad. “I hope to travel to Tokyo, Paris, London, and New York. Well, maybe not all in one year, but at least 2 of those places!”

Her advice for aspiring models is very practical. “Keep your chin up — don’t take criticism personally, but do listen to it! Most importantly: find your niche! Oh, and please stay safe, ask for references, and try to keep a professional demeanor. And for heaven’s sake, if you must drink, leave the alcohol until AFTER the shoot! This goes for photographers too!”

Image of Kira OMP Model #228814 by Jon Barry OMP Member #41308

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