Keshia Rain is a Multi-Talented Rising Star of the Week

Keshia Rain (OMP Model #249879) began pursuing a modeling career at the age of nine. Six years later, she is an experienced professional model, an aspiring musician, and a popular personality on One Model Place. Now she has earned another accolade as the OMP Rising Star of the Week.

The Wyoming native was introduced to modeling by a family friend, Kerby Pfrangle (OMP Member #143695). “Kerby took pictures of me when I was nine! She posted them on the OMP modeling site, which she still maintains for me. We received lots of feedback from other photographers who said they wanted to work with me, and I just took off from there!”

Keshia describes herself as a young model who works hard and follows instructions on the job. “My favorite styles to shoot would have to be the ones that fit my personality. I’m a girl that loves Nikes, skinny jeans, and action. Whenever I get the chance to have a photo shoot wearing something that shows who I am, I’ll take advantage of that!”

Her favorite assignment took her to San Francisco, California. where I was a model for Bruce Smith’s (OMP Member #216963) high fashion photography class! I got to work with so many wonderful photographers at one time! I even got to explore the areas that we were in whenever they were setting up all their camera equipment, and finding locations. My favorite credit would go to Barry Druxman (OMP Member #45920), whose headshot of me won first place in the Soft Lips contest!”

Keshia has also been fortunate to shoot with such accomplished OMP photographers as Dave Feiling (OMP Member #3407), Bill Mason (OMP Member #52326), Patrick Shuck (OMP Member #165856), Steve Azzari (OMP Member #5516), Don Wilson (OMP Member #3739), and Terrence Taylor (OMP Member #234682).

Feiling was the first professional photographer that Keshia ever worked with. “Dave packed up his equipment and flew from New York to Wyoming and shot her for two days. Than he set up the first OMP site that she had when she was nine years old. He gave Keshia wonderful images to start her career as a model.”

Preparing for a photo shoot might find Keshia working out a lot, eating healthy, or moisturizing her face. “If the weather is nice, I try to get some natural sun, because I’ll never go into a tanning booth!”

During photo sessions, she mainly concentrates on her body movements. “I want my poses to look comfortable and fit with the lighting and the mood. I also pay attention to what the photographer wants me to do, because you need to follow instructions to speed up the process and get the best results!”

Keshia appreciates the fact that, unlike other career paths, modeling is a profession one can start at an early age. “Modeling can also lead to other opportunities, such as commercials, acting, and runway shows. I wouldn’t be pursuing my music career if it wasn’t for modeling!”

There are, however, challenges to choosing the modeling life. “One of the challenges is having to keep your body in shape. I really enjoy doing sports, and most of them involve physical contact. Even when I have a photo shoot coming up, I still continue to participate in sports. It’s really a challenge to back off of the different activities I’m doing to make sure I don’t hurt myself before the photo shoot!”

Her advice for new models begins with making sure that modeling is something that they really like to do. “Once you decide to pursue modeling, you need to always believe in yourself and never back down or be shy. Be who you are, because photographers really enjoy seeing the real you Always focus on what you’re doing and make wise decisions, and you will get a good outcome in the end.”

One Model Place has also given Keshia a career boost. “OMP has helped my career by attracting different professional photographers! As I continue to get more pictures and experience, it brings more rewards. An agency contact showed my One Model Place site to a musical developer, which opened the doors to a music career. Now I have moved from Wyoming to California to pursue my goals. I would like to thank OMP for giving me all the opportunities to grow as a professional in modeling and singing.”

Modeling experience has also helped Keshia develop a strong work ethic, which is definitely a requirement in the music industry. “Being prompt, having patience, and being able to withstand long work hours have carried on from my modeling to my singing career. I am currently pursuing a urban-pop solo career with the guidance of ‘The Gang’ entertainment group. I want the day to come where I am accepting my first Grammy award, have a number one hit, and have a successful album!”

Image of Keshia Rain OMP Model #249879 courtesy of Kerby Pfrangle OMP Member #143695

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