Ohio Artist Proves "Unstoppable" in New Feature Film

Even though Scott Byler of J Scott Photography (OMP Member #11602) started shooting photos in high school, he only recently began taking it seriously.

It didn’t take long, however, for his compelling portraits of the feminine form to land him some serious offers. In fact, some of his work will be featured in Tony Scott’s upcoming film “Unstoppable,” which stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

The Ohio artist relates that the movie deal was actually a result of luck. “I got an email from a lady that said she was looking to purchase images for set dressing on a film. She said she found me by simply doing a local photographer search. I almost disregarded the email because I get so much junk in my inbox, but then I decided to respond. The next day I got a call from 20th Century Fox, and was quite surprised. They were filming in Pittsburgh, and she said they wanted to use a local photographer’s images to make the scenes authentic as possible.” The release date for “Unstoppable” is set for Nov. 12, 2010.

The photos used in the film will be from Scott’s portfolio. ” The photos are all typically the same stuff you would see me shoot. All female beauty pictures ranging from topless to portraits. The scenes they were used in were a mens locker room scene. The idea was to hang them up in the lockers as fake tear sheets and portraits that someone might hang up in their locker. I have no idea whether the scenes last 10 seconds or 10 minutes but it was a great opportunity to get involved with a big company. I’ll be doing more work with them in the future. One thing I’d like to add. Someone may see this movie and never recognize I took the photos, but the models who’s photos I used will definately be recognizable and some of the models came from One Model Place and I’d like to thank all of them for helping me create these photos and hopefully this will help them gain more opportunities.”

If other photographers are interested in submitting their photos for film use. “This was complete luck for me this time. And never really put much thought into it before this, but since have been contacting set directors for alot of movie companies. Until i got involved with this I didn’t realize how much iformation was out there simply by googling a company name or the name of a movie being produced.”

Scott’s foray into picture-taking was helped by the fact that his uncle owned portrait studios and was a photographer in the Navy. “In school I took a couple photography classes, at 15 got my first camera, a Pentax k1000, and it went from there. I love all the arts, and started sketching at a young age. I think if I wasn’t doing photography, I’d be doing something else that had to do with art.”

He admits that he likes to keep things simple during and after photo shoots. “I often shoot with one light, and try not to overload the image with backround noise. When shooting women, I feel that the image should be all about the women and nothing else. I try not do a lot of Photoshop work if I don’t have to, that’s an art form in itself I’ve yet to master.”

As far as advice for beginning photographers, Scott relates, “The first thing would be do it because you love it, because the money doesn’t come easy especially at first. Don’t wait for work to come to you, you have to go find it. there are just a handful of great photographers out there that consistently have work coming to them, me not being one of them. Don’t get discouraged, 75 percent of the people I contact I never hear back from, 15 percent are not interested, but the other 10 percent make it all worth while. And even if someone is not interested now they will remember you in the future. Let as many people see you as possible. The most important thing is HAVE FUN and remember why you started photographing in the first place.”

Scott also wants to acknowledge those who have helped him get where he is today. “I’ve been a member of One Model Place for several years, and would like to thank everyone there for providing me with some great tools– not only to find talent, but also find some of the clients that I have or now shoot for. And the models, I’ve always said that the model makes up better than 50 percent of a great image, and without some of the great models I’ve worked with through OMP, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.”

To see more images, check out Scott’s portfolio at OMP Member #11602 or his personal site at http://www.thejscottgallery.com/

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