Midwest Model Jasmine Skye Feels the Sky’s the Limit

Jasmine Skye (OMP Model #424314) has always wanted to be a model since she was a child. She submitted an application to an agency, she and has been actively modeling ever since.

Her favorite styles of photos include fashion, glamour, commercial, and artistic. “I would say my favorite style is implied artistic nudes. Each and every photographer is unique and different, so it really depends on who I’m working with. But no matter what, I give my all and strive for a 110% to achieve their goals and get that amazing shot.”

The Illinois resident has traveled around her area for modeling assignments, but hopes to one day expand her scope. “Besides working in my home state, I’ve gone to Wisconsin and Indiana. Some day I want to travel to every state and out of the country. I’ve been getting some amazing offers for photo shoots in other states, and will hopefully be traveling more later this year.”

She discovered One Model Place through a photographer she had been working with. “OMP has helped me to get noticed by other photographers nationwide, booking paid work, and having my work gain more exposure through getting Showcases! They are awesome to have, and I’m super proud that I got them. OMP seems to have it all — from exceptional photographers, castings, referrals, and travel notices, right through to my own personal email. I’ve gained some awesome exposure and friends along with everything else thanks to OMP.”

Jasmine’s success as a model has helped her prove to herself that she can achieve anything. “I don’t want to be just a typical model. I wanted a diverse portfolio, and to show that I can do anything. I’ve gone to many group events, and I love meeting new people. I’ve gained lots of friends in this world of modeling and I’d never change that. I’ve done some killer concepts, gained some Showcases, booked paid photo shoots, but most of all, I’ve proved to myself who I really am.”

Her future goals as a model include wanting to be known for her diversity. “I would like people to acknowledge I give my all. I want to be in magazines nationwide and travel out of the country for shoots. I would also like to be featured on a billboard on the expressway. And then, eventually, I want to end up on television.”

One recent fantasy project that Jasmine participated in was an “Avatar”-inspired bodypainting project. ”I must say from start to finish… it was AMAZING! Shooting that type of concept really shows that I’m up for most things. I could have never done it without the MUA and bodypainter Mark Schmudde (OMP Member #116948) and the hairstylist Jeneice. It was an all-day project for us, although I did get to take a few short breaks here or there when I needed. It was very cold outside when we did it, so I had a space heater going 90 degrees. I must say, we were all very proud with the results. That is the best part of this business: striving and working hard to get what you want.”

Jasmine offers some advice for her fellow OMP models. “First and foremost: Never give up!!! I can’t stress that enough. You have to have tough skin in this line of work. If you truly want to be a model, prove yourself and don’t flake. Every photographer likes a model that’s dedicated, reliable, and always strives for the top. You must show up on time, have some confidence, and surrounding yourself with people that believe in you!”

She also suggests that models should gain friends and colleagues that are open to help each other. “Finding a model your size always benefits with borrowing clothing or accessories. And don’t be afraid to talk with other models that have experience and can guide you the right way.”

Jasmine feels that modeling can take you to a whole new world. “For those that have never done it, it’s truly not just standing there being pretty and having your picture taken. I always wanted to be a model as a child, and now that I am modeling, I feel I’ve succeeded at fulfilling a dream. Most people never get that in a lifetime. It truly has opened my horizons in life and simply what I was put on this earth to do. I love everything, from waking up and getting ready for a shoot to seeing the amazing results. I love knowing that I have true dear friends that help me succeed and push me further. I couldn’t do it without everyone. Also, I approach this career as I would any other — by being dedicated, reliable, and pushing myself out of the box.”

Image of Jasmine OMP Model #424314 courtesy of Photos by Andy OMP Member #2524

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