Steve Gregory Makes Beautiful Art Come to Life

Steve Gregory (OMP Member #191597) started pursuing photography only three years ago, and has made great strides in a short time. “I didn’t know a thing. I’d never practiced any form of art before, never really had a creative pursuit before, and I must have been thirsty for it, because I’ve absolutely embraced it.”

What makes his story even more inspiring is his physical limitations have not stopped him from his artistic ambitions. “I should mention that my situation is a little different than most others. You see, I use a wheelchair. I was hit by a drunk driver some years ago, and I’m pretty much paralyzed from the neck down.”

The Birmingham, Alabama resident began his new career by taking photos of female friends. “I had no photography training at all. All I had was a little point-and-shoot camera, so, yep, the shots came out dreadful. But I enjoyed the creative process, and thought how satisfying it would be if I could learn how to do it right — well, at least try, anyway.”

Through connections he made on One Model Place, he was able to take his interest in photography to the next level. “ A wonderful model, Amanda Redd (OMP Model #267294), introduced me to established glamour photographer Southbound. (OMP Member #17776). He spent a few days with me at my home. we talked endlessly about the glamour photography community and the process of creating beautiful images. By the time he was finished explaining everything to me, I was hooked.”

Steve’s process of shooting photos is made easier by the fact that he shoots out of his home. “My house has been turned upside-down into a cluttered studio, with backdrops and Alien Bees and props lying around everywhere. People come over and there’s hardly any place to sit! But being in a wheelchair makes things a little different for me.

With limited use of his arms, Steve has found a creative way to “hold” the camera. “I have a camera mount that I devised which attaches to the chair and holds the camera. I use a wireless shutter release to take the shots — a bit unorthodox, but it works. I put a lot of preparation into a shoot. I don’t wing it. I go in with specific concepts in mind. i even type up an agenda to remind myself of all the different things I want to do. Although, when you’ve got a good model and you get on a roll, the agenda gets tossed and you just go wherever it takes you – and that’s a lot of fun.”

Coming up with ideas for his photo editing also requires plenty of imagination. “For the artistic nude images, I tend to be drawn to architectural settings, and ancient ones at that. And creating one of those composites is a time consuming
process. blending the subject into an appropriate setting, getting the perspective and orientation right, matching up the color tones, the light, the shadows… It can often take me 8-10 hours to create just one image.”

He offers some insightful advice for photographers just starting out. “If someone in a wheelchair can do it, anybody can do it. Yes, it helps a lot to have natural talent and a creative flair — wish I had more of that — but you also need to have the passion. It’s a lot of work, there’s plenty of frustration when then images don’t turn out like you hoped, and the learning never ends. But it’s the passion that keeps you going, and it’s so very satisfying when you nail that beautiful shot. Like I said, the learning never ends. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things, exchange knowledge with others — art is for sharing.”

Steve has one more thing he would like to add. “I love OMP. It’s the blue chip of the industry and the granddaddy of all photography sites. I’ve come to know so many wonderful people through this site, and it has given me a lot of visibility out there. If you’re serious about modeling and glamour photography, then you need to be on One Model Place. I’ll always hang my hat at OMP.”

Image by Steve Gregory

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