Victoria’s Models are No Longer Secret!

As reported on by Kiri Blakeley, there is one group of models who have succeeded above all others — the models of Victoria’s Secret.

Blakely writes, “While other fashion and beauty brands have produced famous models, they tend to remain just that. If there are institutions that consistently produce winners — say, Harvard among universities or Goldman Sachs for investment banking — Victoria’s Secret would be that institution for the modeling industry.The $5.6 billion brand has churned out dozens of supermodels. But a notable few, such as Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, have gone on to media or entrepreneurial careers with astonishing success.”

The author goes on to say that “Victoria’s Secret is a unique launching pad for a model looking for second act success for a few reasons. First, unlike most fashion houses, it signs young women to long-term contracts, allowing them a chance to develop not only as models but as brands. Secondly, it puts the full force of its public relations team behind the women, getting them booked on talk shows, sending them out for personal appearances and even producing lines of cosmetics and body products stamped with their likenesses.”

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