Male Model Devon is Latest OMP Success Story

Miami resident Devon (OMP Model #394706) has only been in the business for one year, but has already excelled in modeling as well as acting. Currently he is working with some major players in the industry, and can be seen in prominent ad campaigns for Aeropostale and Hollister.

Devon most recently shot a campaign for Ralph Lauren. “The session was shot by Bruce Weber. We did print and commercial assignments for them. There were about 30 other models, all of whom had their own special talents. We sang, played guitar, danced, did some stunts, and just had a blast. That’s how Bruce likes to approach his projects; full of fun and energetic people. I had so much fun expressing myself in different ways. Bruce Weber photo shoots are always fun.”

During the three-day shoot, Devon had a chance to show off his multiple talents. “I managed a trained Jack Russell who had some pretty cool tricks. I also had a section where three other guys and I sang and danced, as well as did some a capella beat boxing to a Temptations’ mix. We all played football, threw the Frisbee and kicked a soccer ball for the shoot for the Polo Campaign. My favorite part had to be the last day of the shoot, when they opened up the dance floor and I got to really show off my moves.”

His acting talents will also be on display soon in a high-profile project. “I am very proud of my first short film, that was also directed by Bruce Weber. It’s called “Liberty City is Like Paris to Me.” During the shoot, I was free to dance and show off my parkour skills, which are like urban gymnastics or stunts. My true passion is acting, because I love to entertain.”

Devon first started modeling in college, and eventually got his big break through talent agent John Fisher (OMP Member #3327). “My mom wanted to help out by setting up a photo shoot so that I would have a portfolio to present to casting directors and anyone in the business. We didn’t know much about the industry, but we did our best. Then we met a scout, John Fisher, who is now one of my really good friends and adviser. He knew I had what it took, brought me to Miami and got me signed with my first agency. John continues to help me with my career, because I always have questions and he has an infinite knowledge about the business and is so encouraging. I am glad I am surrounded by people like him to aid my success.”

His mother, Jennifer, made a profile for Devon on One Model Place, which led to him getting discovered. “It was through my sister’s profile that John had first found us, and came to visit during a test shoot. So basically One Model Place introduced me to the man who got everything started for me. So in a way you could say I wouldn’t be where I am today without OMP!”

No matter what he is doing or where his assignments take him, Devon likes to make fun his first priority. “Other shoots where I have had a blast were the ones I did for Aeropostale and Hollister — the pics from which are currently in the stores. The shoots are always full of great people with positive energy and a love for what they do. I love being surrounded by people like that. At the Aeropostale shoot I was allowed to skim board and surf. I was privileged to be stung by a few jellyfish and had some near encounters with sharks in Cocoa Beach Fl, but it just made it that much more fun.”

During shoots, he concentrates on having fun. “I like making others smile and laugh. Yet I understand that I am still working a job, so I make sure that my composure and reputation are at their best. I would never jeopardize my career, and always try to show appreciation for everything no matter how small.”

In his opinion, the rewards of modeling are many. “I enjoy the unlimited free access to the hottest places in the city, like restaurants and clubs. Sometimes we get to go to really fancy places and always I am looking for more people to meet and share my energy with. Challenges of modeling are that you can’t always make everyone happy and that little bit of failure has to be let go, because you can’t win them all. Also another challenge is that you never know when a job will be offered or if you will get one so financially it can be a rocky road. Other than that I love the spontaneous lifestyle and the rewards of telling my family that I am doing very well and on my to becoming very successful. Soon I will be able to share my success with them.”

Devon offers some great advice for models just getting into the industry. “My biggest advice for models starting out is to have personality. It’s almost always the defining line of whether you are booked for a job or used again. Keep in mind that you never know who is watching and you should feel that you are always being watched. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and acquiring the answers actually makes you a smarter person. Another word of advice is find someone you can trust to advise you in the industry, because it’s full of dark places that you should steer away from. Always be aware of your actions and choices. Oh and remember names! Everyone’s favorite word is their own name.”

Devon has aspirations beyond being in front of the camera. “I am studying psychology in school, and have always had nerd-like grades. I always wants something higher. I chase my dreams and not just wish for them. I am always dancing. I always have a smile on and make others feel good about themselves. One of my agents pulled me aside and said with sincerity that I was not a model and completed it with the comment, ‘You are an entertainer who happens to have an amazing look!’ That was a huge compliment to me.”

With all his accolades and accomplishments, it is heartening to hear that Devon has not lost his sense of appreciation for the good fortune that has come his way. “I could go on forever talking about all the amazing things that have happened to me, and how I have overcome all the obstacles I have faced. I know there will be plenty more to come in the future, and I will be ready. Most importantly, though, I want to reiterate that I appreciate everything that everyone does for me. I am so grateful for those who truly care and want to help others out and have good spirits. I pray for the day that I can give back to them and to others that are in need, as they have done for me.”

Image of Devon OMP Model #394706 by John Fisher OMP Member #3327

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