10 Questions with OMP-Classmate USA Spring Break Winner Nicole-Marie

Nicole-Marie (OMP Model #419567) won the One Model Place-Classmate USA Spring Break competition here on OMP. She received a round-trip flight to Panama City, Florida and an exclusive photo shoot for an upcoming calendar. We caught up with the black-haired beauty from South Carolina and asked her about her recent adventure.

OMP: What made you decide to enter the OMP-Classmate USA competition?
NICOLE-MARIE: When I found out about the contest, I felt this was a unique opportunity to do something fun and do something I love. I also felt this would be great exposure for me as a model if I were to win the contest.

OMP: How did you feel when you found out you won?
NICOLE-MARIE: Very surprised, It was so unexpected! OMP was trying to get in touch with me for a couple days to inform me that I won. I am one of those people who doesn’t answer from numbers I don’t know, so thank God I checked my voice mail before it was too late!

OMP: How was the trip to Florida?
NICOLE-MARIE: The trip was a great experience — I got to meet a lot of awesome people, shot with great photographers, ate a LOT of good food, and got to model beautiful bikinis!

OMP: What were some of your Spring Break experiences?
NICOLE-MARIE: I didn’t get to enjoy the parties & spring break atmosphere as much as I wanted to, I felt I was there for work not play. I had a photo shoot pretty much all day, everyday. But I did get to relax and have fun at dinner with the girls and staff every night!

OMP: How did the photo shoot go?
NICOLE-MARIE: The photo shoots were so much fun, I loved getting the chance to model in several beautiful locations and beaches. Also, getting to hang out with the other models was a blast! The best part was getting to work with all the different photographers for this project. It was cool to see how different every one of their styles, were and how differently the results from each shoot turned out.

OMP: What advice do you have for other models who want to enter OMP competitions?
NICOLE-MARIE: Don’t ever doubt yourself! You never know when your going to come out on top for something! Winning a competition like this is such a great experience for any model, so why not give it a shot?

OMP: How did you first sign up for One Model Place?
NICOLE-MARIE: A photographer I was working with suggested I sign up.

OMP: How else has OMP helped your career?
NICOLE-MARIE: It’s really helped people in the industry find me for castings, projects, etc. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities offered to me through OMP, more than any other model networking site.

OMP: How do you describe yourself as a model?
NICOLE-MARIE: As a model I am very passionate about what I do, I bring 110% to every job or project I do.
I like to think of myself as diverse, fun, and spicy!

OMP: What are your goals as a model?
NICOLE-MARIE: I’ve have had such a successful year, but I never stop, I keep focused because I want to keep climbing the ladder to do even bigger and better things. I want to stand out from the rest and be a success in this career.

To see more of Nicole-Marie’s portfolio, visit OMP Model #419567

Look for Nicole in the Classmate USA Calendar next year, details at ClassmateUSA official website

Models interested in being considered for the calendar are invited to attend an upcoming shoot in Clearwater, Florida on April 17-18. Email classmateusa@bellsouth.net for details or visit their OMP portfolio at OMP Member 42793

Photos copyright www.classmateusa.com

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