One the Move with Model Bella Moore

Amazing model Bella Moore (OMP Model #431906) was recently featured in the OMP Blog as Hot Model of the Week! Here is her followup interview.

Modeling since the age of 15, she has excelled in the business and is now a high-in-demand model who travels worldwide for assignments and shoots. That is, when she’s not busy being a working mother of three children. “I do model full-time, traveling often in the US and Internationally. My passport stays warm. Through this year I have been scheduling one week per month travel. I am available for international travel and will consider relocating to any city/country that has full time positions for modeling/acting or other production opportunities.” While her favorite assignments have taken Bella to vacation destinations, she adds, “Some of the simple studio shoots I have done have been a great experience as well.”

The beautiful brunette discovered One Model Place through a photographer that she has worked closely with through many years. “Through OMP, I have had some of the BEST networking than any other site, period! I’ve traveled, met great people, and every day it seems to provide new opportunity to stay busy doing what I love to do.”

Bella feels that modeling is an avenue of performance art. “I describe myself as a performance artist. Nude genres are the most comfortable for me to model, so I am in favor of working in-the-buff I guess. But then again, I never really get the opportunity to model any other styles!”

The Arizona resident lives a lifestyle that keeps her constantly prepared for photo shoots. “I work out, eat consciously, rest, and drink water. One note for models — remember not to cry or drink insane amounts of wine before a shoot!” She concentrates on several things during a shoot. “There are definitely a variety of things to concentrate on. I like to focus on what my client’s needs are in the project I am hired to do, and do my best to deliver. Every photographer has his or her own vision of what they want, so concentrating on what they’re communicating is important to me. Then there is always body composition to be aware of, and what I mean by that is sucking in, arching, straining and contorting my body in every unnatural position beyond imagination to get the shot!”

Bella relates that the challenge with modeling is similar to the challenge with life in general. “You have to weed through the land to make sure what you are keeping in and bringing into your garden are GOOD plants. Hopefully you’ll have some fruitful plants that keep you healthy and fed. Now that’s rewarding. It has been rewarding to me to have relationships with the people I’ve worked with along with clients and fans I’ve gained over the years who continue to support these chapters in my life.”

She has plenty of advice for models just starting out. “The list is long! 1. Be Safe (check references, company standings/reputation, just like anything else it IS a scary big world out there, BE SMART). 2. Be clear on what kind of modeling you want to do and more importantly, why you are doing it. 3. Be professional — you may not yet be at a professional modeling level, but you can always act with professionalism, this will open doors for you. 4. Be ready to learn, although this industry looks on the outside ‘oh so glamorous,’ be prepared to treat it like a REAL business/job that is a tough business/job. So stay alert. It’s not all makeup, high hills and airbrush. 5. Be prepared to work, be willing to learn no matter what level your at — the better attitude, the better experience. 6. Only post photos online that represent you in the most professional way in whatever genre you are focusing in — my advice is to hire a professional photographer to build a beautiful diverse portfolio! This way you will get a good beginning experience as well. 7. Be HAPPY and have Fun!”

You can find more amazing photos of Bella Moore in her OMP portfolio:

Image of Bella Moore OMP Model #431906 courtesy of Shutterbug Studios OMP Member #92315

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