Young Angelina Still a Stunner

More B&W images have emerged from Angelina Jolie’s early days as a model, and they are definitely worth a second look as they go up for auction this week.

According to, “bikini-clad photos that the actress posed for when she was only 15 taken by photographer Harry Langdon, are now for sale on the auction Web site In the photos, Angelina is wearing a bikini, on all fours, and has wet hair! Other photos of Angie are headshots, but the two very racy ones, taken in black and white, are up for auction, with bidding starting at $400-$600.”

Auction cataloger Ryan Dohm relates, “The photos are unusual in the fact that she is young and Langdon shot her at a young age. They are stunningly done.”

Profiles in History, the Calabasas, CA auction house which is selling the photographs, says they are “the world’s largest auctioneer of original Hollywood memorabilia.”

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