Chipmunk is the OMP Hot Model of the Week

The uniquely-named Chipmunk (OMP Model #398843) fell in love with modeling ever since she started two years ago. She recalls, “Ever since I was a young girl, I had a dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. However, due to lack of self-esteem I never had the courage to try. And once I did, I knew I was meant to be in front of the camera for the rest of my life!”

The Panama City, Florida resident got her start in modeling by knowing local models in her area. “One day I was looking at their pictures and started doing research on photographers. I found someone I knew as a friend, not as a photographer, and started questioning him until I turned blue about how to become a model. About a week later, he asked me if I was interested in doing a photo shoot for a motorcycle store. At first I declined… I didn’t think I had what it took and I didn’t want to disappoint him. But after about 30 seconds, I realized this is how I can make my dream come true. So I accepted and have been doing it ever since!”

She was introduced to One Model Place through a photographer friend. “I was asked by a photographer if I had a portfolio on OMP, and I had no idea what he was asking. So then I did some research and came upon One Model Place. I have been addicted every since. The opportunities this site offers is endless!”

Chipmunk is grateful that OMP has helped her establish herself very quickly in the modeling community. “I know that all the photographers on here are great, and I know that I have opportunities to shoot with the best! The best is what will get me a contract with Victoria’s Secret!! Hint hint! I am extremely glad that the photographer asked me if I had an OMP or I wouldn’t have half the portfolio I have now!! So no only thanks to him but thanks OMP and everyone involved with this site.

When it comes to modeling, Chipmunk describes herself as an extremely eager learner. “I know by no means am I perfect, but I strive for excellence. I always try to keep the mindset that, if I have not tried a specific style of modeling and someone asks me if I’m interested, to not judge the style but give it a chance. I used to think all I wanted was to shoot cars and motorcycles, but now I have evolved into more of the fashion side of modeling! I absolutely love to have fun in front of the camera and I feel that if you don’t enjoy what your shooting, then the pictures will turn out horrible. I am a very happy person — and love to show it!”

She already has quite a few credits on her modeling and spokesmodel resume. “I absolutely love doing promotions. Being the head promotions model for Shocker Energy Drink has led to some of the best times in my life. I have been able to travel and meet a ton of new people. I do have a favorite photographer, his name is Jack Bains (OMP Member #69114) and his photography company is named Southern Exposure! He is one of the first photographers that helped me realize I can do anything I set my mind to. And I know from first -hand experience that no matter how much you are put down in life, you can always make your dreams come true! I have been featured in magazines as well. I think that is the best feeling, to know people can look at me and ask, ‘Hey, weren’t you in a magazine?’”

Chipmunk admits she is a “nervous wreck” before every photo shoot. “I always make sure to take care of my hair the night before. And I take my time getting ready! I do things in stages. I never rush because I know I will wear myself out! I always think about the beautiful images that people can create with a simple click of a button. Although it probably contradicts the fact that I need to calm down before a shoot, I always drink the biggest Red Bull I can find. Then right before I head to my photo shoot I always look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful, inside and out!”

During a photo shoot, Chipmunk likes to concentrate on having fun. “I have learned not to concentrate on strictly posing, because I know that the best poses cannot be staged. If all models were to simply focus on posing, then everyone would look the same. You have to be natural — if you’re not comfortable it shows! And I make sure not to think about every hair being in place or standing just right… You have to concentrate on having fun!”

Chipmunk relates that she has discovered many rewards to modeling. “When you feel beautiful, your self-esteem and confidence goes out the roof! I know I look up to so many models. I admire the long, hard hours of hair-pulling and having to stand perfectly still, so not only do I get rewards from myself modeling but I now have idols to look up to! There are so many people you get to meet from every culture, I have learned so much about how other people live just by modeling this past year! My best friend is a model and I would have never met her if I hadn’t started modeling.”

She also gained a family along the way. “Most importantly, I would have never met my amazing husband, who is a photographer, if I hadn’t started modeling! And of course if I hadn’t met my husband, I wouldn’t be extremely blessed with having a baby boy!”

Modeling has also provided Chipmunk with its share of challenges. “It’s not all fun and games, there are many challenges, too! Outfits are not cheap, and with today’s economy, money isn’t the easiest to come by! All the hours I spend trying to get ready for a shoot takes time away from my husband, and all the hours spent booking photo shoots gets very tiring!”

Chipmunk has some great advice for new models. “Please don’t listen to the people that try to discourage you! They are just jealous! You are beautiful — their opinion does not matter! Yours is the one that should matter! Have fun with it! Don’t think of modeling as work — think of it as ‘playtime.’ If you have fun, it will show! Never do anything you do to feel comfortable doing but never judge something until you try it!”

Image of Chipmunk OMP Model #398843 courtesy of Jack Bains of Southern Exposure Photography OMP Member #69114

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