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Tara (OMP Model #383649) enjoyed her reign as the OMP Hot Model of the Week so much, she wanted to share some insights into her career and advice for fellow models. As you can tell from the interview below, her natural beauty is matched with a bright outlook and an awesome sense of humor.

OMP: How long have you been modeling?

TARA: I’ve been modeling for almost two years now and loving every minute of it!

OMP: How did you get your start as a model?

TARA: I was my uncle’s guinea pig when he started getting into photography when I was 12 which peaked my interest in it. Then, when I was 18 I went with a friend to her photoshoot as the chaperon and was asked to come back.

OMP: How do you describe yourself as a model?

TARA: Spunky? Feisty? Comical? Serious, determined, energetic and collaborative? lol. I have been called a lot of names. (All good, though!)

OMP: What are some of your favorite shoots and/or credits?

TARA: Favorites are all of them! But I have discovered a new passion for travel! I have been to the mountains of Tennessee, Florida and Lake Michigan to shoot with Robert / RNB2 Photography(62600). Outside of working with him my favorite was recently I spent a month north of L.A. on a project. Favorite credits? Image of the day! Numerous Showcases here on OneModelPlace of course! Featured on radio station and magazine websites, but my biggest credit so far….. I am not allowed to talk about yet!

OMP: How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

TARA: I think it depends on what the goal is. Some shots have been a matter of throwing on an outfit and a little make up and we are ready to go. Other have been a little bit of set up. (Milk is cold to lay in and cereal makes a mess of your tub!) I like to think I can pull off any mood for a shot, and I have done my best to try different expressions and bring a different feel to each shot I am asked to do.

OMP: What do you concentrate on during a shoot?

TARA: Keeping my tongue in my mouth. Don’t laugh! Ok, laugh, it is funny though.

OMP: What are the rewards and challenges of modeling?

TARA: The challenges are sifting through all of the “I will make you famous” offers I get. The rewards? Too many to list! Money, great shots, increasing popularity, money and ultimately….. fame. (Stay tuned for more news. lol)

OMP: What advice do you have for models just starting out?

TARA: CHECK REFERENCES! I heard this a lot when I was first starting and it has saved me a lot of grief. I have heard so many stories about models wasting their time with this photographer and that photographer. Ladies, take the time to check references and you will save yourself a lot of grief. (Photographers check references of models too!)

OMP: How did you discover One Model Place?

TARA: Before working with RNB2, he sent me the link to his profile here. Once I had a couple good shots, I made a profile here too.

OMP: How has OMP helped your career?

TARA: I must say, I have been discovered here. And it is a great place to see a professionals work!

OMP: Anything else you would like to add?

TARA: I have only been modeling for a couple years. I am hoping things are about to break for me and I am so happy that I have stayed passionate about it. Each and every shoot I pour 100% of myself into it.

Image of Tara OMP Model #383649 by RNB2 Photography OMP Member #62600

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