Leilani Jade is the OMP Rising Star of the Week

Leilani Jade (OMP Model #396304) is a talented teen model from Alabama who started modeling a little over a year ago, and has been making major progress ever since. Here is our exclusive interview with this week’s OMP Rising Star of the Week.

OMP: How did you get your start as a model?

LEILANI JADE: Long story short, I won a photo competition and just kind of became involved that way. Now I feel that modeling is something I can strive to get better and better at.

OMP: How do you describe yourself as a model?

LEILANI JADE: I have been told I am very diverse by others, and I hope that is true. Hopefully I am right in saying I am easy to work with and always give the best of myself to each shoot or company I work with.

OMP: How did you discover One Model Place?

LEILANI JADE: I had signed up through a search engine, then I met Paul Carlisle of Carlisle Studios (OMP Member #20670) and he showed me how One Model Place could help me in promoting myself and my modeling career.

OMP: How has One Model Place helped your career?

LEILANI JADE: Through OMP I have met so many great people with great advice. I have booked assignments and done lots of shoots through OMP. I especially find the castings helpful.

OMP: What are some of your favorite shoots and photographers?

LEILANI JADE: I can actually say I have formed friendships with almost every photographer I have worked with. I would have to say working with Paul Carlisle would be a favorite. He is the single most creative person alive!

OMP: What do you concentrate on during a shoot?

LEILANI JADE: I try and concentrate on making sure I am able to get the photographer, company, or business I am working with the best possible photos possible. I try to be creative and just give my all.

OMP: What are the rewards and challenges of modeling?

LEILANI JADE: For me — and this is probably different than most — I threw myself into modeling because after the loss of my father at a young age, I needed something to do to take my mind off a lot of hurt. I found that modeling at a photo shoot is the one place where I can clear my mind, let go, go somewhere else in my mind, and focus on producing images with the photographer that both of us could be proud of. The biggest challenges are to me, you could be on a roof top in January in 20-degree weather in a spring outfit and you have got to work it (I know, I have been there). It could also be 99 degrees and you have to look comfortable in a coat and winter clothes, and sell it.

OMP: What advice do you have for models just starting out?

LEILANI JADE: I would say try your best to stay out of drama with other models. When you are booked for something, be on time or even a little early, and be prepared. Don’t assume you’re the best or a diva, because there is always someone better waiting to take your place if you aren’t working hard.

OMP: Anything else you would like to add?

LEILANI JADE: I am not sure how far I will go in this crazy career I have selected, but I can say this I am going to work hard at it to make my dreams come true. Modeling is my passion and I hope to improve more and more each day!

Image of Leilani Jade OMP Model #396304 by Paul Carlisle of Carlisle Studios OMP Member #20670

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