Cassidy is the OMP Rising Star of the Week!

Cassidy (OMP Model #372508) is an experienced teen model from the Northeast. She has modeled for the past two years, and considers herself to be “a carefree young model who loves fun, funky, crazy, and ‘outside the box’ ideas.” Her hard work has paid off, as she just booked an assignment with the DC Fashion Week in February.

This talented girl joined One Model Place in May of 2008, and started doing photo shoots soon afterwards. “My mom found it in a Google search in May 2008. I started with the free portfolio, and have since moved up to the top Platinum Plus level.”

One Model Place has helped her career in several ways. “OMP was really my first introduction into the modeling world. From there I started auditioning for local runway and fashion shows, and I never looked back. OMP has opened new doors for me and given me tons of chances to work with photographers, agencies and other models. I am having a great time and learning more than I ever thought.”

Cassidy loves to shoot many styles, including high fashion, glamour, and casual styles. “I can throw on a pair of jeans and sneakers, or high heels and a dress, and be completely comfortable.”

She prepares for a photo shoot by planning everything out the night before. “I find out what styles I am going to shoot, then prepare everything from the hair to the shoes and clothing. I also try to get a good night’s sleep before the shoot. People do not know how hard modeling really is.”

For Cassidy, the rewards and challenges of modeling are many. “The rewards for me are traveling to new locations, getting outstanding photos, and meeting tons of new people. The challenges are pulling off new poses and all the tough competition out there.”

She offers the following advice for other models just starting out. “You have to try your best and stay focused, keep working with new photographers to learn new ways of modeling, and remember to never ever feel rejected. You really have to move forward everyday!”

Cassidy’s goal as a model is pretty simple — “I want to be seen all over the world, from the magazines to the runways!” After meeting this amazing teen, we don’t doubt that she will achieve that goal, and many more.”

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