Sabrina Maree is OMP’s Hot Model of the Week!

Check out California girl Sabrina Maree, who has already been featured as a Playboy model and is sure to set hearts racing whenever she gets in front of the camera! She started pursuing a modeling career when she was 19, and has been working steadily for the past three years. She describes herself as “a glamour model/nude model. I loved being primped and sexy!”

Sabrina Maree’s first real job was for Playboy. “I attended a casting call in San Mateo and received a call back a month or two later. I shot for their Special Editions, their ‘Busty Babes’ site, and ‘Real American Girls.’

Another of her favorite shoots took place recently with the mother-daughter team of Suze and Holly Randall. “I am loving the results of that shoot. One set is out so far on Suze is really such a legend in erotica, and her daughter Holly is just as talented. I’ve done a few other things recently, but I don’t want to talk about them until they are published.”

She joined One Model Place years ago when a friend of hers started modeling and suggested it. “OMP has lead to many contacts that led to paid jobs, even a bodypainting job at the Playboy mansion!”

The brunette beauty lists the rewards and challenges of modeling. “The rewards are innurmerable… travel, meeting people, and experiencing things I might never otherwise. Also, dozing in the MUA’s chair, I love that! The challenges involve keeping healthy when you are working in close contact with lots of people — cold and flu season hasn’t been easy on the industry this year. And of course, the perception of the people around me of what I do.”

Sabrina Maree offer the following advice for models just starting out. “Don’t jump into anything or pigeonhole yourself before you really see your options spread out and you pick your direction instead of falling into it. Don’t be afraid to turn down shoots that make you uncomfortable, no matter the pay.” for models who want to become published in magazines, she adds, “Aim for shooting with the greats in your field of choice or talent. They are the most likely to sell to magazines… although many men’s magazines are shooting their own content these days.”

See her full portfolio at OMP Model #167897

Image by Russell Perkins

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